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Snippets - 20/04/2007

Apr 20 2007 13:49
Ashley Brown
A mostly constructive non-column; Walkway Rebranding; Turfing; Lift is Alive; Paving Delay; Students Beware
The lift is now working...

Live! takes a brief look at the changes in College over the Easter break and gives a word of warning during the exams season.

Walkway Rebranding

The rebranded walkway

The walkway has finally complied with College's branding regulations, rebranding itself to blue and white. Over Easter a crack team of painters covered almost every wall and ceiling in white paint. Railings are now light blue, while pillars and other vertical supports get dark blue. This postgraduate wonders how long the white will last once grubby undergrads come back and stick their dirty fingers all over the walls.

Extra posterboards and a mural are due to join appear on the walkway shortly, part of College's drive to keep student posters in one place and not plastered everywhere.


No longer a muddy mess

Beit Quad has been re-turfed following the destruction of the grass over the winter, hopefully with a hardier variety this time. A combination of rain, snow and alcohol caused the rapid deterioration of grass leaving nothing but a muddy mess.

The Quad at least is looking far more inviting, but Live! hasn't dared venture into dBs to see if that looks any better.

Lift is Alive

The outer lift doors, complete with blue and green lights

The new lift in the Beit is finally open, shiny lights and all. It is currently filthy but set to be cleaned up before term starts.

Live! took a ride in the new lift earlier today and can report that it is quite deep, but not as wide as expected. The ride is a little unrefined and indicates that some additional greasing may be required!

The blue and green lights are quite soothing, but could be considered a gross waste of energy.

Paving Delay

Not going to be finished by Monday...

On 22nd April Upper Dalby Court is supposed to be finished, with the old paving replaced and foliage added to spruce the place up in advance of the Queen's visit in July. It seems that students will return from the break to find this still in progress, although the chances of the Queen being asked to help out are probably slim.

At the same as dealing with this, there is also the problem of the non-paved areas warping whenever the sun dares to shine - its a perennial feature but one which has come early this year due to the odd weather.

Students Beware

Don't stick your head where it doesn't belong (Photo: Jon Smith)

Finally, Live! realises that with exams coming up there will be an increase in alcohol consumption - either when they've finished, or as a way of coping. Drunken wandering through Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park may follow, but we urge caution, lest you end up like the kid in this photo.

It took the fire brigade an hour to free him after he stuck his head through the ornamental wall by the Italian Fountains.

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Discussion about “Snippets - 20/04/2007”

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1. Sid   
Apr 20 2007 14:47 grass!

Apr 20 2007 17:43

The blue and green lights may be a waste of enery, though they are LEDs so don't use that much.

Also in order to conserve energy the lights in the lift turn off when the lift is not in use, though this has confused a few people to think that the lift isn't working.

Apr 21 2007 00:01

Someone high up the Union hierarchy informed me yesterday that the Beit Quad lawn was property of College and not of the Union. Is this true, and can we wander on and off the lawn at will (as has previously been the case)?

And can we play croquet on the lawn?


Croquet Soc Chair

Apr 21 2007 02:56

Did the high up person in the union hierarchy inform you of this while you and Tris were lying on the lawn that was roped off due to the fact the grass has not rooted yet and people walking/sitting on it has already begun to kill the grass?

College own all of Beit Quad and are responsible for the external upkeep which includes the quad, for example paying for the new turf. However the union control the building and lawn etc? for example the union is licensed serve alcohol up to the archway.

Are ball games allowed in the quad though?

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