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Snippets - 25/05/2007

May 25 2007 10:51
Ashley Brown
A mostly Centenary-branded non-column; Send Collins to Scotland; College wants your photos; Tell Your Tale; Applause at Council.
The ICU President's bike, ready to go

Send Collins to Scotland

Practicing in Beit Quad

Having begged everyone in the known universe to run Centenary events and give money, ICU President John Collins will embark on his own Beit Masterplan fundraising event next month. In the week following the Centenary Summer Ball John will take his Centenary bicycle and make a 1,000 mile Centenary trip from Land's End to John O'Groats. All you have to do to get him out of the way for a week is donate some cash. The Rector has donated £1,000 to the cause already, clearly wanting Mr Collins out of the way for some dastardly plan.

College wants your photos

Those of you on Facebook (probably everyone then?) will have noticed posts appearing on a number of groups plugging a College competition for your photos. The Frame of Mind competition asks for photos of life around Imperial: lectures, research and especially clubs and societies. Photos entered in the competition will be used for College promotional activities and the best ones will receive Amazon vouchers for £100 (1st), £50 (2nd) or £20 (3rd). The closing date is 30th June.

Thankfully for John Collins, naked pictures are not allowed to be entered into the competition.

Tell Your Tale

The Centenary team want your funny stories about life at Imperial, if indeed you can think of anything funny during exam season. The Centenary website is currently carrying memories from the past 100 years, with students discussing everything from secret trips up the Queen's Tower to food strikes. All of them come from an age where students at the College were free to play pranks on each other and and the College without fear of expulsion, disciplinary proceedings or getting sued by over litigious hacks. Live! fears the current climate for students may hinder any really funny stories from appearing from the last 10 years.

Applause at Council

ACC Chair Luke Taylor found Council an exciting experience

We did say "mostly" Centenary branded. Council Chair Danny McGuinness received spontaneous rounds of applause at Monday's Council after asking CGCU Welfare Officer Emma Persky to leave for talking quite loudly to herself. McGuinness gave several warnings that he would start throwing people if they spoke out of turn, as constant chatting was disrupting the proceedings. Miss Persky's response was to call for an NUS-style no-confidence in the chair, at which point half of Council wanted to speak against it. President-elect Stephen Brown expressed his gratitude at the firm grip the Chair had on proceedings, prompting a round of applause. Everyone except Miss Persky voted to keep McGuinness in his role, after which Miss Persky was asked to leave again (and didn't).

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Discussion about “Snippets - 25/05/2007”

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May 26 2007 10:56

Surely Mr. Collins knows you aren't allowed to cycle in the Quad?

May 26 2007 15:15

But its all for chaaaaaaaarity mate...

3. An0n   
May 27 2007 21:48

"Send Collins to Scotland"

Do we have to have him back again afterwards... or can we just leave him there?

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