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Snippets - 01/06/2007

Jun 01 2007 15:14
Ashley Brown
A totally harmless non-column; Greg Dyke visits stoic tv; Ball Tops £60k; NUS Under Fire; Web of Changes.
Greg Dyke in the stoic tv studio

With news drying up for the summer, here's another selection of news snippets from the last week.

Greg Dyke visits stoic tv

Greg Dyke was recording a message for the 40th birthday of YSTV

Former Director General of the BBC and general media mogul Greg Dyke visited stoic tv earlier this week for a quick piece to camera. Dyke is currently Chancellor of York University and helped save their student TV station , YSTV, from closure. YSTV is 40 years old this year, so he visited the stoic tv studio to film a birthday message.

Deputy President (Education & Welfare) Fluffy Harris expressed his amazement that such an important person in the media industry visited the dingy basement where most of the media group are located.

Ball Tops £60k

By the time you read this the Summer Ball will probably have taken £60k, with two weeks still to go until the event. Dinner tickets are sold out, but ents tickets are still available. Live! has been assured the meal on offer is a good one and not pigeon chicken. Whether the "breakfast" will consist of anything more than fatty bacon and stale buns remains to be seen.

Ball sales have helped contribute to the stunning success of the ICU website, which has now taken over £250k since its launch and saved a large amount of work processing paper forms. A slightly revised layout is also in the works, which we're promised will have Live! news headlines for the first time in well over a year.

NUS Under Fire

The NUS is notorious for the perpetual cabal of Labour party members in its highest ranks
London Student, 28th May 2007

London Student has taken shots at the NUS for being too close to the Labour Government. NUS Vice President (Education) Wes Streeting came under fire for helping to staff Gordon Brown's leadership election campaign: Brown helped to introduce top-up fees and is believed to be sympathetic to lifting the cap, while his competitor John McDonnell had expressed opposition to fees. Streeting described McDonnell as "unelectable" and that the leadership election was "not a debate about student fees".

Both Streeting and NUS President Gemma Tumelty have come under attack for their "five challenges" for the Prime Minister in waiting, which call for discounted bus travel and reduced prescription charges, whilst ignoring the topic of fees altogether. Tumelty clarified that the challenges were intended to be implementable in the first 100 days of Gordon Brown's premiership, when he is expected to make a number of policy changes.

Web of Changes

A concept design for the Imperial website

College have made designs for their new website available to anyone with an Imperial login, through the web redesign page. The redesign project aims to change not only the look but also the structure of the website to make it easier to use. The last redesign was around 6 years ago and the site has grown into an uncontrollable mess since then.

It is hoped the new website will be slick enough to win awards.

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Discussion about “Snippets - 01/06/2007”

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Jun 01 2007 16:59

Tumelty and Streeting also got an absolute roasting by the Education Selection Committee:

The committee complained that their entire written evidence consisted of fees and funding, but their spoken evidence covered other issues such as accommodation and facilities for part-time students (the opposite to what London Student were complaining about!).

The best part is this:

"Is it your membership or activists that prioritise fees and funding?"

So it seems the NUS has a reputation of being an activitist-led union which has lost touch with its members.

I noted from the NUS conference blog that Tumelty admitted that the NUS was failing its members, but also supports activitism. In terms of credibility with the power brokers, it seems that the two are linked.

2. Griz   
Jun 02 2007 13:46

Purely because I have no where else to whinge. I am currently sitting on level 5 of the library not able to concentrate due to the deafening and ifuriating repetition of the queens tower bells celebrating the anniversary of the coronation of the queen. With 4 exams next week this is driving me crazy. 10 minutes is understandable but I have head that this could go on for 2 hours just because a german woman had a crown placed on her head 50 odd years ago. I am NOT happy!

Jun 02 2007 14:34

It's only for an hour - they ring them from 1pm-2pm.

Surely its too hot on level 5 to get any work done anyway?

4. Simon   
Jun 03 2007 00:26

daytime revision is what department common rooms are for...... the library is best for those all nighters!

Like when you have a dissertation in the following day!

Anyway, sufficient concentration on the task at and generaly blocks out exterior noise..... that and a handy MP3 player.

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