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Snippets - 23/11/2007

Nov 23 2007 11:47
Ashley Brown
A totally harmless non-column; Stephen Brown for NUS President; Return of the Hack; Men in Skirts.
Stevil for NUS President!

Stephen Brown for NUS President

The Facebook Group

As students from across the NUS political spectrum (left to hard-left) begin to announce their intentions to run for NUS President, momentum is slowly - very slowly - gaining behind an unexpected candidate: ICU President Stephen Brown. A Facebook group has been set-up for Brown - nicknamed the 'Stevil Twin' to differentiate him from NUS Secretary Stephen Brown - by the UCLU Education & Welfare Officer. The group, I'm back(ing) Stevil Twin for National President, has 14 members at the time of writing but this is expected to increase.

Brown has suggested the name "The Capitalist Work Society" for his faction at NUS Conference, but is inviting other submissions. The Stevil Twin would not be the first ICU President to go on to lead the national union: Trevor Phillips took the reins during his activist days during ICU's brief dance with the NUS in the 1970s.

Return of the Hack

Former DPFS and GSA Chair Jon Matthews has been denied two opportunities to re-join Union committees in the space of a week. In Council on Monday he ran for the position of Natural Sciences Postgraduate Councillor, coming up against Amar Joshi. It transpired that the two candidates were the only people eligible to vote, there being no other science postgraduates in the room. The vote was opened up to all people in the room, returning Amar Joshi as representative - hardly a surprising result given previous events at Council.

On Wednesday evening Matthews was denied a place on RWB by CGCU Vice President (Activities) Milli Begum, who stood against him for Halls Representative at Halls Committee. The well attended meeting saw the Guilds VPA win by 12 votes to 11. There are still a number of other positions available within ICU which may yet result in a late return to power for the Union's last remaining mega-pedant.

Men in Skirts

Those keen to see men in skirts, or the men's rugby team beaten by a bunch of girls, should head over to Ethos on Saturday afternoon for a very special game of netball. The event, raising money for the West London Sports Trust, will see the netball girls up against the rugby boys. The game starts at 4pm and should be finished by 6pm, but may be delayed by the rugby boys sitting on the ball, trying in vain to make it the right shape...

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Discussion about “Snippets - 23/11/2007”

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Nov 23 2007 13:15

I think myself and Andy Fernando should be credited with said facebook group!

Joy for inter-london collegiate spirit!

Nov 23 2007 13:17

Yes, sorry, Bloomsbury Community College and Strand Poly were both involved in the creation of the group.

3. This post has been deleted.
Dec 08 2007 20:59

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