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Snippets - 13/12/2007

Dec 13 2007 15:26
William the Conquerer
A partly festive column; Festive Lectures; Broken Awning; TfL Christmas Presents?
Professor 'St Nick' Warren brings some festive cheer to his lectures

Festive Lectures

Dr Segal explains how his reindeer fly

Lecturers in Physics got into the Christmas spirit earlier this week, with several appearing in Santa costumes to raise money for the Wilkins Memorial Trust. The trust was set up in memory of the Wilkins family who died in the 1992 Kathmandu plane crash. The primary aims of the Trust are to help in rural community development, conservation projects, disability projects, income generation projects and education projects in Nepal. Collections for the charity raised £235.09.

Broken Awning

The area around the awning has been out of use since Tuesday

The Union's awning has survived high winds and rain (by being folded away), but succumbed to a far more rigorous test - a drunk student jumping around on it. The £12.5k awning, which has been folded away on most wet & windy evenings when this reporter has been in the Union, was being supported by scaffolding on Tuesday evening after somebody felt the urge to climb on it. Repairs have now been completed.

TfL Christmas Presents?

TfL has a few good treats in store for the new year, coinciding with London Mayor Ken Livingstone's attempt to be re-elected. Single fares across TfL-operated transport modes are being frozen, while Travelcards will rise in line with inflation. The Oyster bus fare decrease to 90p which came into effect in September will also remain, thanks to London's oil deal with Venezuela.

TfL is also upgrading the Oyster system to allow for railcard discounts. Holders of a Young Person's Railcard will be able to have their Oystercard flagged with a discount code, giving a reduced price on Oyster Prepay Capping - off-peak journeys in zones 1 and 2 will be capped at £3.10 rather £4.80. At present the only way to get 1/3 off a one-day Travelcard with a Young Person's Railcard is to buy a paper ticket from a ticket office or rail ticket machine. Other changes include the renumbering of zones A, B, C and D to zones 7-9 and an increase in the number of routes where Oyster pre-pay is available.

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Discussion about “Snippets - 13/12/2007”

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Dec 13 2007 17:19

it was awesome... coppins considering the flight of a mince pie will go down in history.

Dec 13 2007 17:21

I sense another TFL thread coming along.

So how do I go about getting this YP discount on my oyster card then?

Dec 13 2007 18:02

It seems TfL don't say yet. I presume you pop along to a "London Overground" station... It'll be nice if the student Oyster comes with it enabled by default.

4. Ant   
Dec 14 2007 09:32

"It'll be nice if the student Oyster comes with it enabled by default."

Haha you'll be lucky it's another ?20 ish anyway and you'll all start complaining about having to pay for it.

You can't get the discount until the fares come into force ... they haven't uploaded the new form that needs to be completed to their website yet.

Dec 14 2007 12:28

I'm glad someone read TfLs noisy and busy email - I just booted it the circular filing cabinet, along with the quarterly copies of "The Tube" which they send me!

With regards to this Awning, I have a supplier who do halagen-heated mobile awnings, which despite being mobile are sturdy and one third the cost. In terms of surviving strong winds, they are all on display outside the pubs between Westferry and Heron Quays.

Oh, we were all promised the YP discount on the NUS Extra card... along with the Supermarket (Asda I think it was).

Jan 01 2008 19:06

More information on the railcard discount:

"You will need to get an Oyster card and have your Railcard discount concession loaded on it. This can be done at

  • Tube station ticket offices
  • London Overground station ticket offices
  • Some National Rail station ticket offices"

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