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Snippets - 08/08/2008

Aug 08 2008 12:38
Kirsty Patterson
A mostly harmless non-column: Blue Cube Brood; Bestselling Thesis; NUS for a free Tibet; Bar Price Hike
Baby Cubes, Giant Jelly Tots or Stylish Seating?

Blue Cube Brood

Dalby Court or Magic Roundabout?

Dalby Court has gained a new set of mini cubes this week after what looks like a mistake trying to breed the Faculty Building with the Grantham Institute for Climate Change. The blue and green plastic boxes, subtely designed to blend with their surroundings, are assumed to be a modern twist on picnic benches. No one has been seen using them as yet as they attract large puddles of water in the rain.

Other seating additions to Dalby Court include long wide wooden benches not too disimilar to Dougal from the Magic Roundabout.

Bestselling Thesis?

Brian May's Thesis: gentle bedtime reading

One of the longest PhDs in history, having taken nearly 40 years to complete, might become a bestseller after Brian May has had his work published by Springer and Canopus Publishing Ltd. May, who graduated from Imperial earlier this Summer, completed his thesis entitled 'A survey of radial velocities in the zodiacal dust cloud' 36 years after abandoning his research to pursue a career as lead guitarist with the band 'Queen'. May is no stranger to astronomical book selling however with his previous book, 'Bang! A history of the Universe' co-authored with Patrick Moore and Chris Lintott, a better choice for the beach bag or tube journey. The thesis is on sale at a recommended retail price of £43.99 and is available to pre-order. Alternatively you could pop into the South Kensington Library and take a peek at it for free!

NUS for a Free Tibet

The Chinese government is trying to use these Olympic Games as a PR exercise to draw attention away from its appalling human rights record. We must not allow them to succeed in this cynical ploy, and I applaud these protesters for their courage in drawing attention to the brutal suppression of protest in Tibet. I also applaud the Students for a Free Tibet group for their dedication to the cause of democracy and freedom in Tibet.
Wes Streeting, NUS President

NUS and Amnesty International have made a joint statment against the arrests of four students in China, including two British Students, following a protest led by the group Students for a Free Tibet (SFT). The students were arrested for carrying pro-Tibet banners in the area close to the Olympic Stadium. Wes Streeting, NUS President, said of the matter: ?These people were carrying out a peaceful protest, and their arrest highlights the repressive tactics of the Chinese government. I applaud the Students for a Free Tibet group for their dedication to the cause of democracy and freedom in Tibet.?

Four more students from the SFT are being questioned by the City of London Police after a similar protest on Tower Bridge led to their arrest. As yet NUS have not released a statement referring to the repressive tactics of the British Government.

Bar Price Hike

Carter counts all his fingers and toes

Bar Prices in the Union Bar at South Kensington are about to take another turn for the sky. While Albert Hall Patrons enjoy their post-prom drinks, Postgraduate Students, with no student discount available, have to pay higher prices during the Summer Term for their well earned pints. Undergraduates shouldn't celebrate too soon however with rumours that prices will stay at the higher rate come September.

Live! has heard that prices will be in more round numbers with soft drinks at £1.00 per pint and Carlsberg increasing to £2.00. This is a new initiative employed to help DPFS, Christian Carter, who needs to do the adding up on his fingers.

Due to almost everyone in the Union being on holiday or unavailable these figures are yet to be confirmed. However, prices will definitely be increasing before the start of the academic year.

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Discussion about “Snippets - 08/08/2008”

The comments below are unmoderated submissions by Live! readers. The Editor accepts no liability for their content, nor for any offence caused by them. Any complaints should be directed to the Editor.
Aug 08 2008 12:43

"deffinately". Your mother would be disappointed.

Aug 08 2008 12:46

Oops... Wondered when I'd make my firt spelling error!

Aug 11 2008 16:25

Correction - the current intention is to give anyone with a college swipe card a discount so they do not pay the proms prices. Prices will definitely be rising for the new academic year, but they have not been finalised yet.

Aug 11 2008 17:58

FAIL. Check your facts.

Aug 11 2008 18:16

FAIL. Read the article.

"Due to almost everyone in the Union being on holiday or unavailable these figures are yet to be confirmed."

Aug 11 2008 18:17

Funny. That's exactly what I was about to post.

Aug 11 2008 18:26

Great minds think alike but fools seldom differ... ;)

Aug 11 2008 18:50

Errr why bother posting it in the first place. The entire mini-article on the bars that is entirely made up of hear-say and rumours. Fail, check your facts. Good effort Live.

Charging Proms drinkers more? Sounds like a good idea really! The Union always puts prices up over the Summer, deal with it. ?2 a pint in South Ken is hardly expensive. Pop over to the other Unions and have a look at what they're charging.

Aug 11 2008 18:58

This Snippets was meant to be funny. The mini-article on the bars is partly true and partly spoof. A correction has been printed for those statements which cannot be varified. It came with a disclaimer to inform readers of the liklihood of misinformation, deal with it.

Aug 11 2008 19:43

Observing - you've either never read Live! before, or have experienced a change in situation which has made you a bit touchy. God forbid a Snippets piece should be made up of hear-say and rumours.

The only thing that seems to have failed is your sense of humour...

The only prices I can remember the union putting up over the summer in the past is the catering prices, because they have to charge VAT unless you have a swipe card. Getting more money out of the prommers is an excellent idea, as long as the discount does actually work properly and people are asked for their cards. I was under the impression the price rises would take effect at the start of August, but we're galloping to the middle of the month and the proms only have a month left to run now (and I've not been asked for my card except at catering).

Perhaps someone from the Union could let postgraduates know:

  1. When the catering is actually open and what is being served (it's been completely random for the past month due to the kitchens changing around)
  2. That they'll need to make sure they have their swipe cards with them whenever they visit the bar starting from date X

The union is still, and always has been, completely c**p at enticing postgrads to the bars over the summer, because the level of service is always pretty variable. A conversation I've heard quite a lot (including from UGs who are around) goes something like:

  • "Shall we go to the Union for lunch?"
  • "Is it serving food?"
  • "I think so"
  • "What food?"
  • "Umm. Maybe pasta. Or a barbecue. But they'll probably have no chips, they always run out of those."
  • "Let's go to the sandwich shop/SCR, at least we know what they'll have"
11. lemon   
Aug 12 2008 22:05

the union really sucks

Aug 12 2008 23:54

Haha those Dalby Court seats remind me of those Tooty Fruitie sweets...mmm sweeties...

Observer is correct (and a grump), the Union raises drinks prices over the summer once the suppliers have revised their prices. However due to a few changes in suppliers and stock mix (including getting rid of Hoegaarden, sorry) last summer the Union was able to keep prices pretty much the same. I think only Magners changed in price, and it went down because of a smaller bottle!

Christian, you need to blame these kinda things on your predecessor ;)

Ashley, I agree that the summer catering is confusing, particularly when the barbeque is weather dependant. All catering is happening in dBs and I believed the Union catering has remained (bar four(?) days due to deep cleaning, staff training and new equipment) open through the holidays. I think the VAT and swipecard issue may not be well advertised at point-of-sale, but its essentially what happens in College outlets.

Not sure about your comments about swipecards, seeing as you need them around campus such as SCR/JCR for your food anyway.

This is feedback the Union needs, and I hope Christian does read the comments. Sounds like it involves communicating with students what the Union is up to over the summer, which is the best way of doing it though? A spam email that nobody reads?


Aug 13 2008 08:17

"Not sure about your comments about swipecards, seeing as you need them around campus such as SCR/JCR for your food anyway."

Yes, but you don't need it at the Holland Club to avoid being price gouged on drinks. I would be mightily p***ed off if I'd left my swipe card in the office at lunchtime only to be charged a much higher rate, when that was never the case before (and the argument that you need to show your card to get served at all doesn't hold water either, because it's rubbish).

"Sounds like it involves communicating with students what the Union is up to over the summer, which is the best way of doing it though? A spam email that nobody reads?"

People will read the emails as long as they aren't too frequent and contain useful information. The union also has a website, but there doesn't seem to be any drive to keep that updated with the latest opening times. Go to the front page and find some up to date information what's going on. The list of ales is 4 months out of date and there's still advertising for the KP crisps meal deal on the dBs page. - I realise that there aren't the resources to keep the whole site up to date, and the people who are responsible for it are in high demand, but the 'new' website lets a SAC slave or member of bar/catering staff update these pages...

The other issue of course is that even if it's sunny every day, people don't necessarily want a low-quality reheated burger every day (especially if the chips have always run out!). The union's barbecue offering sounds like a nice idea to draw traffic in, but if it is all you can really get at lunch time (I've had trouble finding pasta bolognese at 12:15 when the BBQ is on, which is really good since the dBs relaunch) then there's no incentive to come over. Not that College's 'barbecue' offering is any better.

All the walkway advertising also seems to be out of date (why not target postgrads walking to the SCR?).

14. AA   
Aug 13 2008 13:02

The union still serves Hoegaarden Chris, unless you meant to say we are about to get rid of it?

15. image   
Aug 13 2008 15:17

the image of the union is totally wrong - i mean look at that photo of carter... he is representing the IC student population...

Aug 14 2008 11:49

bar prices seem to have gone up already, didn't need a swipe card though. but carlsberg is still 5p cheaper than the holland club, like it always used to be now i think about it

17. Editor   
Aug 14 2008 12:33

Bar prices have now gone up. The prices published in the article are correct. A more extensive price list will be available shortly.

Aug 24 2008 11:25

comment on Tibet because he only bleats conventional wisdom.

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