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Snippets - 12/7/2001

Jul 12 2001 17:04
Oliver Pell
A totally harmless non-column: readership plummets; HackSoc for hacks; Disappearing rubbish
The situation outside the CGCU office didn't get quite this bad

Having spent over a year establishing itself as the number one source of news (both factual and otherwise) for Imperial's student population, has recently experienced a massive crash in its readership. Daily page view figures are down by over 70% from their ‘normal’ values as Imperial students disperse back home and try to forget London for at least a few months. This news is bound to be of some concern to the members of the newly amalgamated CGCU Media Group who must be desperately hoping that the ‘circulation’ of their flagship publication picks up at the beginning of next term. The situation is not helped by the fact that CGCU’s media policy is currently not so much in a state of disarray as in a state of non-existence and no-one seems to even know who will be the Editor for the website next year.


The CGCU shop, which has until now focused purely on selling Guilds’ regalia, appears to be branching out into general fashion. Following the discovery of a number of ‘HackSoc’ ties buried on one of the shelves CGCU Exec has started marketing them as ‘the ideal tie for all Union Hacks’. No detailed breakdown of sales is available but it is believed that Stef Evans, the outgoing (position, not personality) ICU DPEW was one of the first purchasers and that Arch-Hack and ICU President Hamish Common has apparently declined the opportunity to purchase one of the ties, though he has indicated that he would not object to receiving one for free. Worryingly no-one within Guilds seems to have the faintest idea of what HackSoc might have been – though the logo on the ties offers a few suggestions.


People visiting the CGCU Office recently have been astonished to see that the trademark pile of rubbish in the corridor outside seems to have finally disappeared. The origin of the pile lie some time back during the Easter holidays when a massive CGCU furniture assembly session led to a small number of desks being left outside in the corridor. Over the past few months, this area seems to have become a general dumping ground for everyone in the Mech Eng building and recently this has become a running joke inside CGCU, with old desks and chairs being delivered on an almost weekly basis. Apparently only the intervention of the Conference Office was sufficient to get the ever-growing pile moved – it was occupying wall-space needed for an external function.

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Discussion about “Snippets - 12/7/2001”

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Jul 12 2001 17:16

Although readership has dropped significantly, it is holding up much better than last summer (yes we were around then!)

Jul 13 2001 11:23

Who bought a tie realising how much it was worth and then solded it on with a ?15 profit..!!!

Jul 13 2001 12:11

I don't know if it's just my English ability letting me down, but I can't make head or tail of that comment.

Jul 14 2001 13:54

Insert it into the article to give:

Stef Evans, the outgoing (position, not personality) ICU DPEW, who bought a tie realising how much it was worth and then solded it on with a ?15 profit..!!!

Nice one Stef, who'd you flog it to then?

5. eddie   
Jul 14 2001 14:55

I think what oliver was trying to question, with what seems to me his usual obsession to pedantry was that 'solded' should have been 'sold. shurley that was the mishtake?

Jul 15 2001 16:39


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