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Snippets - 31/01/2009

Jan 31 2009 00:09
Kirsty Patterson
A totally miscellaneous non-column: Catering Fails to Deliver; Noisy Goings on in Blackett; CSC Chairs Battle it out in Live! Poll.
Clockwise from top left: Eugene Chang, Sam Furse, Jenny Wilson, Rachel d'Oliveiro, Peter Mabbott

Battle of the CSC Chairs

Let the battle commence...

With Election Season looming ominously Live! Readers have been asked to vote for the best (looking) Clubs and Societies Committee Chair in the current Live! Poll. Asked to choose between the 'Big Five' of the ACC, AEB, SCC, RCC and OSC the competitors are the Satirical Sam Furse, Rambunctious Rachel d'Oliveiro, Predatory Peter Mabbott, Jocular Jenny Wilson and Euphemistic Eugene Chang.

Live! has promised to provide cake for the next Meeting of the CSC whose Chair attracts the most votes. Fuelled by the promise of sugary goodness, RCC Chair, Jenny Wilson has been taking hostages and forcing unsuspecting club and society officers to log onto the Live! website to vote. Currently in the lead with just under 50% will Jenny's fighting tactics win the race?

Catering Fails to Deliver

The Union has dropped table service on food served during the evenings for the foreseeable future. The new system whereby students order at the bar and have to collect their own food from the serving hatch has caused complaints to be lodged with Deputy President (Finance and Services), Christian Carter. An apparent lack of communication between the bar staff and the kitchen has often lead to estimations of preparation time being wildly off the mark. Hungry students are queuing twice for their food, gathering around the serving area waiting for dishes to be prepared after already jostling to order at the bar.

The DPFS responded saying this was due to the hoarding placed around the entrance to the kitchens during the Union Redevelopment. Carter argued that staff couldn't walk along behind the bar carrying plates of food as the space is too narrow and it would prevent the bar staff from doing their job efficiently. However, why serving staff cannot collect and deliver the food from the hot plates on the outside of the kitchen instead of the customers is so far unknown.

What's going on here then?

Noisy Activities

An email sent to all staff and students in the Huxley Building and Blackett Laboratory by the Building Manager contained some unfortunate wording. The email read:

"As part of the planned refurbishment of Blackett Ladies Toilet 818 the contractor is required to carry out some noisy activities in this toilet."

The activites are expected to last two hours leaving students to wonder if this was perhaps a little too much information.

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Discussion about “Snippets - 31/01/2009”

The comments below are unmoderated submissions by Live! readers. The Editor accepts no liability for their content, nor for any offence caused by them. Any complaints should be directed to the Editor.
Jan 31 2009 00:33

Hurrah! More toilet humour from Snippets.

Jan 31 2009 02:01

Kirsty is pretty good at scouring Facebook for photos isn't she...

Jan 31 2009 02:06

Don't complain Eugene. This is the first time all day that you've been beating Sam. I think it helped. :o)

Jan 31 2009 15:44

It's easy to do and avoids stuff like:

forseeable and Students'

Feb 02 2009 19:20

Ah but you see - you are the proof readers. :o)

Felix has more Copy Editors than Live! has reporters and I cannot get somebody to read over every article before I publish it (live! doesn't have a weekly publishing deadline to run to, nobody would be stupid enough to stay up that late and only two people have the ability to read unpublished articles when they log in). The difficulty with proof reading something you have written yourself is that your mind sees what you intended to say not what you actually typed. The benefit of Live! is that its readers provide a large enough copy editing team and I can change the spelling later.

Keep your comments coming, all corrections will be changed as soon as they are made!

6. tbh   
Feb 02 2009 19:46

To be honest, I'd rather have interesting news stories with slightly dodgy SPG than perfectly written boring stuff... Don't know about you, but i think i can take "forseeable" to mean "foreseeable"

Feb 03 2009 00:19

I think I may have to disqualify Peter Mabbott for rigging the Live! Poll. At 7:30pm yesterday there were around 300 votes. Less than five hours later there are nearly 600. And they all appear to be for Peter. While unprecedented numbers of visitors to Live! is a possibility it is a very slim one as I haven't seen the visitor count go above 30 today.

Cheats don't get any cake. :o)

Feb 06 2009 09:17

Do we sense some poll rigging from the Live Team?

Looks like they're redirecting all votes for Peter to Jenny.

Feb 06 2009 11:49

Wow I somehow crept ahead of the predator...

Feb 06 2009 11:53

LOL! 3000 votes? no way!

Feb 06 2009 11:59

Poll rigging by the Live! Team? Never! You'd have to ask the person who set up a proxy to vote for Peter Mabbott about that.

In terms of votes being redirected to Jenny from Peter... I assume it's just a bug in the coding. These things happen. ;o)

Feb 06 2009 12:13

Nice confession there.

Good to know that Live! upholds the strictest levels of journalistic impartiality and ethics :)

Feb 06 2009 12:29

I can honestly say I have not altered the code for the Live! Poll in any way. I'm not even capable of changing the code. Wouldn't know where to start.

14. Editor   
Feb 06 2009 12:43

Voting in CSC Idol closed at 12:02pm on Friday 6th February. Watch out for the results when we manage to get hold of the number of votes from the ICU International Officer Election later today.

Feb 06 2009 15:42

But I bet you cannot honestly say the code wasn't changed.

Feb 06 2009 18:12

(Un)interestingly two of the CSC chair photos are mine. I also think Rachel was robbed...not that Jenny isn't gorgeous.

17. Editor   
Feb 06 2009 21:46

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