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Snippets - 12/02/2009

Feb 12 2009 00:22
Ashley Brown
A mostly harmless non-column; Fire!; College is Rubbish; A Gritty Drama; Hit Squad Hijack.
These guys weren't outside by choice. Great place to stand if the building is *actually* on fire and the glass might shatter on you...


The Union was evacuated on Wednesday evening after a fire alarm was activated. After a somewhat shambolic evacuation which seemed to take ages and left people standing under the windows, dBs was seen filling with smoke - thanks to a smoke machine, which this reporter surmises may have set off the alarm in the first place. The fire officer didn't look too happy...

College is Rubbish

It's true, College is rubbish. But that is set to change, at least in the area of ... you've guessed it, rubbish. The College is aiming to halve the amount of construction waste it sends to landfill, in part by avoiding ordering too much stuff and having to chuck the rest away. With the £300m "South East Quadrant" project (Mech Eng & Aero building) getting underway, there's a perfect opportunity to show that they mean it. One of the proposed ways to avoid waste is to rely more on pre-fabrication, something pioneered with the Southside project and continuing to be used on Eastside, resulting in faster construction, less noise and less waste. This has caused great distress within some of the more mechanically minded ICU clubs, who gladly 'recycle' any construction materials left unattended thrown into skips.

A Gritty Drama

Last week's severe weather saw College gripped by a gritty drama - after its supply of gritting salt was diverted to the Highways Agency. Although South Kensington was mostly devoid of snow by last Wednesday, much of the outer suburbs still had minor roads under half an inch of ice. Further snowfalls north of London saw councils and the Highways Agency using 25,000 tonnes of salt a day, with only 30,000 tonnes per week being mined.

Hit Squad Hijack

The RCSU seem to have once again usurped the hit squad, leaving Guilds with one less thing to organise this term. There may well be some hit-squad on hit-squad action this year as the traditional squad retaliates for the RCSU's plagiarism. With RAG Week and Artsfest both taking place next week, it looks to be a hectic time. Remember, if you're running events you can add them to the Live! events calendar by logging in with your College username and password. If you're lucky enough to get them on the Imperial, ICU or CGCU events listings, they'll appear automatically.

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Discussion about “Snippets - 12/02/2009”

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1. hmhm   
Feb 12 2009 21:59

What happened to the Blame Jad article?

Feb 12 2009 22:09

I couldn't think of a funny way to implicate Jad in the LHC explosion which I hadn't used before...

3. huh   
Feb 13 2009 11:57

what did he do this time?

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