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Snippets - 11/06/2009

Jun 12 2009 10:13
Lawrence Weetman
A totally Sabb ego-boosting non-column: Disappearing Act; Reduce, Reuse, Residences; Strictly No Dancing; Mad Dogs and Englishmen
Mmmmm... yummy. Hope we make it in time!

This week, Live! decided to try and get a comment from every Sabbatical Officer about a story in Snippets. Unfortunately, we instead got really really drunk, and only Christian Carter made it into work on time this morning. Oops.

Disappearing Act

Earlier this week, it was announced that Rosie and the Goldbug have pulled out of the ICU Summer Ball, which is taking place on 20th June. A post on the band's MySpace page says: "we are really sorry that we have had to cancel some of the gigs over the next few months, we are all fine and dandy so nothing to worry about... we are very very busy at the moment creating and feel it best to concentracte on this".

Deputy President (Finance & Services), Christian Carter, told Council that the band, due to play at the ball's "Live Arena" - headlined by Athlete, would be replaced with another act.

When asked for a comment for Live!, Carter said "Rosie and the Goldbug have pulled out of the summer ball".

Reduce, Reuse, Residences

Letters sent to residents of some Imperial College Halls about end of term arrangements outline provisions for disposing of unwanted items at the end of the 2008-09 session.

An interesting development is the introduction of a "re-use scheme". This will allow residents to put unwanted items in boxes situated in halls, saving the students the need to take these items home. Items in the boxes will be recycled by charity CRISP, with anything of any use being given to those who need it.

Speaking to Live!, Deputy President (Education & Welfare), Hannah Theodorou, said "I think this is a great opportunity for halls to reduce their environmental impacts and hopefully the chosen charities will benefit significantly from the scheme".

Strictly No Dancing

The Imperial College Union Dance society were ordered to leave the Mechanical Engineering Foyer by a member of college staff last Saturday because some of the dancers did not have Imperial College swipe-cards. It has been pointed out that some of those present were Imperial College Alumni, and therefore do not posess swipe-cards - despite being entitled to use Imperial College's facilities.

A display of posters designed by third year mechanical engineers to outline their project work appeared in the foyer later on that day. Live! honestly thinks that this is entirely a coincidence, and isn't for one minute suggesting that a member of staff moved the dancers on so that they could prepare the display and go home.

When asked for a comment, Deputy President (Clubs & Societies), Lily Topham, declined to comment - mostly due to her absence from work at 10.05am (and our wanting to make it to SCR in time for breakfast).

Mad Dogs and Englishmen

We couldn't think of anything to talk to Jenny Morgan about, so in a good old English fashion we were going to ask her about the weather. Unfortunately she wasn't in work either, but we can categorically say on her behalf that the weather is really lovely.

So basically, we've failed miserably. Oh well.

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Discussion about “Snippets - 11/06/2009”

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Jun 12 2009 11:24

So did you make breakfast?

Jun 12 2009 19:58

Yes thanks, it was lovely.

Jun 13 2009 14:05

I wish I could use the SCR...

Jun 13 2009 23:03

Anyone can for breakfast!

Jun 13 2009 23:45

Why is the felix always just printing articles from Live on important student issues, not investigating or reporting itself, no offence to live but we paid a felix editior to edit not copy!!!!!

Jun 14 2009 00:22

Editing does mean overlooking other people's articles though. not writing them yourself. And I can't say we are complaining here at Live!. In fact, we are very grateful!

Jun 14 2009 22:28

Does the SCR do dinners?

Jun 15 2009 13:08

Yes, I think they do. I don't think they're for students though. Tend to be salads and whatnot so definitely not aimed at students!

Jun 15 2009 18:29

I like salads. Does that make me an atypical student?

Jun 15 2009 18:44

I like salad fingers. Does that make me atypical ?

Jun 16 2009 01:11

@10: Burnt Face Man is better, IMHO.

Jun 17 2009 01:02

Jerry Jackson FTW!! OMG LOZORDS!!!!1

13. jeremy   
Jun 17 2009 01:29

u r all f**kin tardsQ"1!!!"?E

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