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Snippets - 29/8/2001

Aug 29 2001 15:09
Oliver Pell
A totally harmless non-column: Felix issues an invoice; ICU opt for more opulent surroundings; C&G still locked out; ...s
This advert appeared in Felix on the 16th of Janurary. The invoice was only received today...

Felix’s troubles were well documented on last year and in June Felix’s acitivies were suspended by ICU’s Executive until they could get their financial house in order. With ICU’s financial year now technically over C&GCU officers were surprised to find an invoice appearing through the internal mail for an advertisement placed in the January 16th issue. Let’s all hope they’re not working through the missing invoices in chronological order...


Visitors to the Imperial College Union offices on the first floor of the Beit building may have noticed that they appear to have been renovated, with a shiny (well, not really) new blue carpet installed. The purpose of this renovation is not clear but perhaps the disappearance of the office for the Deputy President (Education & Welfare) is some sort of statement of ICU’s attitude towards student welfare...


More than a month after a break-in to the C&GCU office access is still restricted. Many union officers who use the office (even during undergraduate holidays) are getting more and more annoyed with the situation as time goes by and incoming mail is piling up in the C&G pigeonhole. When asked when normal access to the office might be restored C&GCU President Mustafa Arif said “I don’t know”, adding that “I’ll kick someone in due course”...


While of no significant interest to anyone crossed another threshold today, unveiling it’s first article where every paragraph ended with three full stops. “Oh”, said one reader when confronted with this interesting fact. C&G Media Group is looking forward to a whole range of articles ending paragraphs with...

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Discussion about “Snippets - 29/8/2001”

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Aug 29 2001 18:13

John gave priority to external invoices because they were generally for much more money per invoice, and because he trusted that his fellow union officers would be more understanding about paying late ones. I believe all the external invoices were done before the last issue came out. It is also much easier for the union finance office to get ccus and clubs & socs to pay up, since they give them their money in the first place...

Maybe that invoice got held up in internal mail - rather like several issues of Felix that John claims to have sent to the Medic campuses, but the Medics claim never to have received. I think its the result of a secret plot to use Felix to heat the Sherfield building, to save money in a desperate bid to meet the Rector's demands for a 10% cut...

Aug 30 2001 10:00

Actually... its because John C never managed to finish invoicing all advertisers. Dave Roberts was hired by the union for a few weeks after the end of John C's contract in order to complete the invoicing.

So the particular invoice that Oliver has got so excited about would only have been raised very recently. And yes, there were probably many more like that or else the union wouldn't have hired Dave to do them.

Aug 30 2001 13:39

Maybe someone would like to come on here and explain how ICU mysteriously got a new letterhead/corporate identity over the summer, when Council was promised last year that it would have the right of veto over any design...?

Aug 30 2001 15:47

I was going to have a rant about this... but they still haven't given me an electronic copy of the logo. (The plot thickens.)

Aug 30 2001 18:06

I, too, was surprised to see this. Still, it couldn't look any worse than the (old) green one!

With regards to invoicing, I had some first hand experience of this and have to say that the actual invoicing wasn't too bad, the problem was with credit control, ie. not chasing up the late payments.

The responsibility for this could lie with either Felix or the Union since it is not specified in the finance manual. This little problem has since been rectified and so there will be no excuses next year.

6. sam   
Aug 30 2001 23:21

maybe it's part of a dispicable plot to dis-enfranchise medical students and right royally screw the CCUs. Or maybe not...

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