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Snippets ? 16/2/2002

Feb 16 2002 12:56
Oliver Pell
A totally harmless non-column: What’s the NUS?; Someone knows about C&G; Another one bites the dust; ICT gets direction; More wine, Mrs Fennell?
Professor Maxwell Hutchinson appears to have been forgiven for calling Imperial's engineers "typists".
  • Live! doesn’t care about the NUS

It appears that the Live! Search has taken to censoring the pages it delivers. For the past few weeks curious students searching for articles involving the National Union of Students have been fobbed off with a message saying “Your search - NUS - did not match any articles”. The search system obviously has a talent for ignoring unimportant issues – “Sam” also doesn’t return any matches. Highly trained C&G Media Group monkeys have been working round the clock to fix the problem, which is caused by the search system ignoring short words (though not 4 letter words…), and the system should be fixed at some point in the near future.

  • C&GCU makes it onto the radio

City & Guilds College Union made a rare appearance (or the aural equivalent) on the radio a few weeks ago, finding a mention in one of the morning programs on BBC London. C&GCU’s vintage motorised mascot Bo’ was the star of the piece after meeting a couple of BBC presenters at a reception earlier that week. Computers in the C&GCU office can still occasionally be found sporting desktop background images of Professor Maxwell Hutchinson (one of the presenters) – who now seems to have been forgiven for calling us all typists during the last Lord Mayor’s Show.

  • ICU Claims Another Victim

Electrical & Electronic Engineering Departmental Representative Shovi Ghosh has become the latest victim of an ICU workload, resigning from his position as Ordinary Member on the ICU Executive Committee. “I have resigned [because] I wish to concentrate completely on my degree,” said Mr Ghosh, adding “my reasons are entirely personal and in no way reflect the current situation in the Union.” Mr Ghosh is the second high profile resignation from the Executive Committee after RAG Chair Helen Arney stepped down earlier in the year.

  • College appoints new ICT Director

Heather Allan, formerly Chief Information Officer of William H Mercer Ltd, has joined Imperial College as the first Director of Information and Communication Technologies. The ICT division was formed last year from the old Centre for Computing Services, parts of Management Information Services and the Communication Services Section. Ms Allan described herself as “excited” at the prospect of leading “leading the College's very capable ICT team”. This would be the same team that was at least partially responsible for many of the problems that have beset the Imperial College Union webserver in recent months...

  • And finally…

The birthday celebrations for Live! appear to have finally unmasked the alias of infamous C&G Media hack, former C&G Academic Affairs Officer and occasional University Challenge team member Sunil Rao. The staff at the New Cavendish Club (where Mr Rao booked the birthday dinner) kept referring to a mysterious ‘Mrs Fennell’ throughout the evening, a shadowy individual who was eventually unmasked as being Mr Rao himself. How the individual on the other end of the telephone managed to note down ‘Mrs Fennell’ instead of ‘Sunil Rao’ remains one of life’s smaller mysteries.

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Discussion about “Snippets ? 16/2/2002”

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Feb 16 2002 21:05

Yes, the Mrs Fennell error was quite amusing :-) We initially thought that she was perhaps the person who took the booking when Sunil called up... it was only when they brought the bill over and asked us if Mrs Fennell had already made any arrangements to settle it on account, did we realise that they were in fact referring to Sunil!

Feb 19 2002 14:04

Mr Fennell will get very upset at suggestions like that, you know.

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