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Snippets - 9/4/2002

Apr 09 2002 15:42
Oliver Pell
A totally harmless non-column: Money's got to come from somewhere; New site for EESoc; Telephone trouble that isn't Ericsson's fault
The new EE Soc website in all its glory.
  • Rector uncertain over fees?

A recent interview in The Independent seems to have further confused the matter of fees at universities. Interviewing Sir Richard Sykes, Imperial’s Rector, Sir Richard is quoted as saying that the abolition of maintenance grants puts people off going to university. However, delving deeper into the interview quickly reveals the statement that “The UK must charge student full-cost fees”. “Everything we do is loss-making,” said Sir Richard, “if we could charge the full economic cost for teaching and research then universities would be a lot healthier.” Quite who will pay for this is unclear, and while it is common knowledge that the College would much prefer to operate under the American system sustained my massive financial endowments and gifts from alumni any plans aimed at bringing this kind of situation into effect have yet to bear fruit.

  • EE Soc launch new website

The Departmental Society for Electrical and Electronic Engineering students, EE Soc, has launched a new website. However, EEE students could be forgiven for a slight sense of confusion as the intention appears to be for the ‘old’ site to continue to run in parallel. “I want to keep that page as is for the time being so the current committee is still represented,” said Ned Lowe, EEE Dep Rep-elect and author of the new site, adding: “the new page is really for next year.”

  • Yes, it’s a telephone

The Times Higher Education Supplement is apparently complaining that Imperial can’t seem to manage to answer its phones. “Neither Imperial College, London, nor the University of Warwick managed to pick up before the phone had rung ten times,” said the newspaper. At least the College managed to answer the phone eventually – lucky individuals trying to reach Imperial College Union are often greeted with a recorded message informing them of the Union’s office hours when the phone line is engaged.

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Discussion about “Snippets - 9/4/2002”

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1. Sam   
Apr 09 2002 16:27

Learn the sabbatical's numbers then, and you won't have to go through the front desk.

Sabbaticals work 24/7 so they don't have office hours... If you want i can supply you with their home phone numbers just in case you need anything at 2am.

... or maybe not!

2. freak   
Apr 11 2002 15:07

I want DavID's number. He is a stud muffin.

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