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Snippets - 27/2/03

Feb 27 2003 23:29
Oliver Pell
A totally harmless non-column: C4 seeks geeks; DramSoc having a Ball (or not); Who hits the Hit Squad?; SAC creates ?Palestian Soc?; ?1000 for RAG
An extremely blurred photo of C&G VP(A) Jing wei Wang after a run in with the Hit Squad.
  • We come seeking geeks?

Not long ago, an e-mail popped into your correspondent?s inbox from Channel 4. It actually arrived from two separate directions having been forwarded round a bit, but had originally been sent by a producer working on a television programme for Channel 4 to Claire Wren, ULU Vice-President (Finance & Societies). The e-mail explains that the producers are looking for students who are ?introverted and shy, perhaps a bit geeky? and offers them a chance to receive ?top advice? from stylists, ?life coaches? (er, what?), meet celebrities and generally posture around a bit, all in the name of televisual entertainment. Amusingly the e-mail even suggests a list of societies that might be ideal for recruiting such individuals, including Christian society, Conservative society or War re-enactment (luckily ICU doesn?t have one of them). Far more amusingly however, it appears that one of Ms Wren?s first actions was to forward the message to former C&G President and occasional ICU Presidential candidate Mustafa Arif?

  • DramSoc facing the drop?

It was revealed at a meeting of the ICU Executive Committee last Monday that this year?s Summer Ball may go ahead without involvement from the usually ubiquitous DramSoc. Union Deputy President (Finance & Services) Ram Ramanan apparently believes that a cheaper price can be obtained from an external supplier and expressed concerns that students would be unable to work on the Ball due to exams. The Executive appeared to be unconvinced, with several members suggesting that it would be better to keep the money ?inside the union? if at all possible however the discussion was halted with the promise that the decision would be brought back next week in a formal budget.

  • Civil war in the Hit Squad

City & Guilds College Union Vice-President (Activities) Jing wei Wang, the individual nominally in charge of the now infamous C&G RAG Hit Squad, recently found himself on the receiving end of what many might consider long-awaited justice. Around a hundred students were witnesses as the C&G VP was pied by several dedicated members of the C&G Exec during the prize presentations for the successful Egg Race in front of Queen?s Tower yesterday.

  • SAC votes to create ?Palestinian Society?

After the Social Clubs Committee infamously vetoed creation of a ?Justice for Palestine Society? the Student Activities Committee has voted to create a ?Palestinian Society? along similar lines. The meeting did make some significant amendments to the aims and objectives of the original proposal, partly aimed at putting the society on a firmer long time footing.

  • Slave Auction raises over £1000

Initial figures from C&G RAG indicate that the infamous Slave Auction raised over £1000 last Friday, over three times its previous total. Added to an impressive sum from the Hit Squad (including £150 raised from the repeated pie-ing of Sen Ganesh) it contributes to one of the most impressive C&G Rag totals of recent years (though hardly anything to shout about compared with the Medics).

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Discussion about “Snippets - 27/2/03”

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Feb 27 2003 23:49

Ah, yes "apparently believes" very well put. I wonder what the figures in the minutes will reveal?

"students would be unable to work on the Ball due to exams" I heard that your average DramSoc techie is either an elec eng or DoC student (though some get confused and go to ISE lectures insted...) Last time i checked C&G exams tend to be at the start of the summer term.

Feb 27 2003 23:59

what clever planning, even more money flowing out of the union.

As for : "students would be unable to work on the Ball due to exams", does this mean the union is going to prevent its student bar staff and stewards from working? Oh and actively discourage student attendance because we don't want them to have a hangover the next morning and not be able to study. :-P

3. chris   
Feb 28 2003 00:34

So instead of the union effectively paying itself its going to pay some randoms?

Feb 28 2003 00:46

yeah that seems about the jist of it.

And who actually is in charge of organising the ball, a proper commitee or just a group of students under a couple of sabs?

5. Dan L   
Feb 28 2003 00:46

Quite frankly I am very disappointed that the President and DP(F&S) have decided to go to an outside contractor for the ball. The internal quote was over ?1000 cheaper and involved students.

However as some people appear to have mentioned, it appears the message from the sabbaticals in the union this year is that they are not for students, and do not encourage student involvement.

I voiced my concerns at meetings about the subject but ultimately it emerges it was a waste of my time - like most of the things that the sabbaticals are involved with.

Lets just hope we get some decent union officers next year, who try and do what the students actually want, instead of just trying to win points for their cv's.

But maybe that is just being unrealistic...

Feb 28 2003 10:00

that is if we get any sabs for next year at all...

Feb 28 2003 10:12

Maybe we should contract out the Presidency and Deputy Presidencies? That WOULD be worth the money...

8. Eddie   
Feb 28 2003 10:53


That is once they have contracted out evrything else first though... after all, sabbs are almost like staff. Get rid of all students first.

Ironic, as elsewhere they decided that students would be better than staff!

Feb 28 2003 11:30

no such a thing as civil war in MY Hit Squad!!! It was an unauthorised attack by God-knows-who random C&G exec members, who are not part of the Hit Squad Team,

there was not official record of this, and neither was this paid!!!!!!!

Feb 28 2003 12:12

You are right to assume that the hit was not official.

The RHS (Real Hit Squad) needs no orders and hits when deemed suitable.

We know where you live.

Feb 28 2003 13:57

All I ever hear is people moan about the current sabbatical team, surely more constructive criticism would help and would actually achieve something. It's easy to criticize someone but If you feel so strongly about something why don't you talk to the current sabbatical team and suggest things to them. Instead of your constant whining and bitching!

Feb 28 2003 14:02

My main point is that you're whining and bitching, whether rightly or wrongly justified is not achieving anything. If you want to achieve something talk to them so that they can improve.

13. Chris   
Feb 28 2003 14:07

"is not achieving anything" - if it embarasses them they will maybe attempt to do something about it

14. Dan L   
Feb 28 2003 14:36


When you do talk to them they just lie, and make it appear that you are wrong.

As I said earlier, they are a joke, since they are trying to stop encouraging student involvement in anything.

15. Eddie   
Feb 28 2003 14:36


I have tried to bring things up with the current sabaticle team. Sometimes they do as you suggest; listen to the comments, and respond with reasoned opinions.

Sometimes they just seem to believe that they are the boss, that they need not answer to the students they represent, and that quite frankly they have no care for anyone elses opinions.

Maybe i should present maths for a certain someone in binary next time... he sometimes doesn?t manage to compare 5 figure numbers correctly

16. Atul   
Feb 28 2003 16:33

Does the real hit squad operate all year too?

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