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Snippets ? 8/8/2003

Aug 08 2003 15:53
Oliver Pell
A totally harmless non-column: Long live us; Imperial?s heatwave brainwave; Don?t mention the Micro$oft; It's results time again.
Just a window - but if Imperial had its way this one would be open.

Arts students die young

Although apparently the precise cause is unclear, a study of thousands of former Glasgow University students published in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine this month reveals that arts and law students are most likely to die early. The paper, invitingly titled ?Association between course of study at university and cause-specific mortality? admits that ?lower mortality risks? were observed for former engineering and medical students which it suggests may be due to ?better employment prospects and healthier lifestyle[s]?.

Imperial?s heatwave advice

Fresh from its recent experience of having to shut down half the campus during the summer due to the power demands of air conditioning, Imperial College has issued some helpful advice for surviving the current heatwave ? open a window. ?Many of us have forgotten how to correctly use the sash windows so carefully installed by the Edwardians and Victorians to maximise airflow,? says Dr Gary Hunt of the Civil Engineering Department.

More e-commerce woe for ICU

Imperial College Union?s long-running and embattled e-commerce project ran into a fresh problem this week when it emerged that the server intended to host the site was a server running a version of the Microsoft Windows operating system, whereas the site itself had been designed to run under a Unix environment. Quite how this minor fact had gone unnoticed remains unclear, though ICU President Mustafa Arif showed excellent skill in understatement when, in an e-mail, he described the server as ?incompatible with the UNIX-based requirements of the ICU Online Shop.?

Bradford clears out

While almost all Imperial students now have their annual exam results, spare a thought for those still waiting for the vital results of their A-levels. The University of Bradford certainly is: Last year the university sent text messages to prospective students wishing them good luck on results day. This year it is offering a free e-cards service in an attempt to attract students to its clearing website.

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Discussion about “Snippets ? 8/8/2003”

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Aug 08 2003 19:59

The sash windows suck. I don't think the victorians were doing any Computational Fluid Dynamics to design those c**ppy windows. Roasting in Wilson house has never been so much fun before.

2. ant   
Aug 09 2003 00:01

ahh but wilson house is roasting all year round whether your radiators on or not, come sun or snow!! (especially basement, lived in shorts all last year))

Aug 10 2003 14:40

Wait till you have to clean the outside of the sash windows... There is always that annoying top of the bottom bit to do. What is the new BMS building like in the summer, is it as energy efficient as during the winter?

Aug 10 2003 23:38

Yeah, its a beach party in WH all year round, actually the basement is a lot cooler here now.

5. Seb   
Aug 11 2003 15:53

I had wilson in the first year. What a hole that place is. Do you still get woken up by the fighting pimps? The mice, rats etc?

Glad I'm not there in this weather. On the other hand, I'm now living in a bedroom paritioned off from a living room in full violation of fire regulations etc, which is even smaller and noisier than the one I had in wilson... and with no ventilation of any kind, so actually a window, even a sash one, would actually be considered a luxury. Yes a luxury! You don't know your born etc. etc.

Aug 11 2003 16:34

The BMS is usually roasting in summer - you can't expect what is essentially a greenhouse to not heat up in this weather. The new glass buildings are responsible for the college brownouts - the airconditioning required to keep them at a comfortable level, and the fumehood extraction systems have eaten up any spare capacity College has from its own generators, and then some.

Aug 12 2003 13:58

And in the winter the new college building need loads of heating. Oh well

8. daz   
Aug 15 2003 16:29

What the college needs are lush rooftop gardens (ala hanging gardens of Babylon) with overhanging flora and a bit of fauna. The plain and boring Queens lawn and the tower(which is rarely opened) should be bulldozed and a beautiful scenic pond with exotic ducks, paddle boats and dancing fountains should be put in its place.

Also need a mini-nuclear reactor to power an unlimited number of air-conditioners.

We have the brainy engineers all we need are the resources. Shouldnt be much of a problem given that we have a new enthusiastic resourceful president ready to campaign for the students and bless us with amongst other things a starbucks style cafe here there and everywhere.

9. daz   
Aug 15 2003 16:34

Or maybbe a cooling state-of-the-art water feature running throughout the whole SthKen campus (with fishes for good luck) that should brighten up the dreary looking buildings and contribute to a better looking britain.

10. tom t   
Aug 15 2003 17:56

Yeah, the BMS building is the most energy inefficient that we have at SthKen. It provides 7% of SthKen floorspace, but demands 25% of the College electricity supply [source: IC energy manager]. The Tanaka building is expected to be equally inefficient.

This is what you get when you get 'prestigious' architects to 'think' about a 'modern' design. Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of working in the be-sashed RSM building will know how much nicer it is in summer. Its running costs are also significantly lower.

Here's the big joke though: Our CHP plant chucks out ~4MW waste heat in the summer, a small fraction of which is used to heat water. We were meant to be getting 'absorption coolers' (think gas fridge), but as yet the money has not been found to purchase them, though the piping has been installed. So the ultimate solution to the problem?

install more electric air con OBVIOUSLY.

Bring on the thunderstorms, close half our nuclear capacity for maintenance, and wait for the American experience!

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