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Snippets ? 9/10/2003

Oct 09 2003 14:33
Oliver Pell
A totally harmless non-column: No sex please, we?re academics; No decorum please, we?re sabbaticals; Bo? for Bentley; Looking for girls at Imperial?
President Patel's preferred method of transportation...
  • Stress ?epidemic? hitting universities

University staff make more serious professional errors, are more likely to resort to drink, suffer more health problems and have less sex as a matter of stress and overwork, according to the Times Higher Education Supplement. 42% of education workers take more than five hours of work home with them a week versus just 19% in the general workforce with nearly a quarter of education staff not having time for a lunchbreak. 99.2% of survey respondents in education complained that they had been ill as a result of the way they worked while a third agreed with the statement that ?overwork often leaves me too tired for sex?. Sadly separate results for Student Union Officers are not available?

  • Sabbatical gaff season starts early

Imperial College Union?s new sabbaticals may yet need some quick training in diplomacy after Deputy President (Finance & Services) Mike Moate was caught referring to students as ?heathens? on the MTSoc forums. On a related note ICU President Mustafa Arif recently referred to Live!?s journalists as ?inadequate? ? we?re touched, really.

  • Patel looking for Boanerges replacement?

Rumours have emerged in recent days that ?rampaging? C&G President Shrenik Patel might be interested in selling Faculty of Engineering motorised mascot Boanerges in order to purchase a more reliable replacement. Mr Patel is apparently seeking more luxury and signs of dependability in his official transportation ? perhaps this news will act as further incentive for this year?s Bo? driver James Devine to ensure that the 100 year old car makes it successfully all the way to Brighton during this year?s VCC run.

  • C4 seeks girls

Fresh from their recent efforts looking for geeks Channel 4 appear to have taken on a far greater challenge. The channel is apparently seeking 100 female extras aged 16-40 to take part in the title sequence for a documentary. While cynics might suggest that finding 100 girls at Imperial College could be a tad harder than finding 100 geeks (not that the two groups are exclusive, of course), anyone interested in the idea can see the original Channel 4 flyer.

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Discussion about “Snippets ? 9/10/2003”

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Oct 09 2003 17:28

Is entirely appropriate for a senior union official (in this case Council chair) to write columns for live? I'm not so sure...

Oct 09 2003 17:51

I don't see why not. Politicians write columns in newspapers. So long as they're not writing under a pseudonym.

If anything it should be encouraged.

3. Simon   
Oct 09 2003 18:50

"Heathens"??? I can think of a lot worse!


Oct 10 2003 11:56

I am going to sell Bo' for other reasons...I dont require a Bently for transportation. I would rather walk and take the tube.

Oct 10 2003 14:48

Shrenik dosen't need transportation, he lives and sleeps in the office.

Oct 10 2003 16:44

What is your reason for selling Bo' then? I am sure it must be an interesting one.

Oct 10 2003 19:53

Well....It occurred to me that I could help the Union purchase the yacht. What do people think?

Oct 10 2003 23:25

Yep. A nice new Yaught - much better than some c**ppy old car!

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