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US Secretary of State Speaks Out Against ICU

Jan 31 2005 14:42
Gaffer Gamgee
US Secretary of State lists Outposts of Tyranny; Iran, North Korea, Zimbabwe and Imperial College Union.
Dr Rice, US Secretary of State

Condoleezza Rice has announced that the US will crack down on despotic regimes. In her speech to US Congress she explained that "Following our highly successful intervention in Iraq and University of London Union where the United States managed to bring proactive democracy to areas where previously a small and irrelevant political elite ruled, we intend to bring similar progress to these Outposts of Tyranny where Tyranny still reigns strong."

She went into some detail how they have identified "these regions of Iran, North Korea, Zimbabwe and Imperial College Union as suffering at the hands of a dictatorial regime that does not respond to the wishes of the populous". Ms Rice noted in particular that "the governing administrations have showed time and time again that they are either unwilling or unable to conduct democratic and fair elections" before going on to state make what she called a "firm promise" to ensure elections are conducted as well as those in the US.

She called on the UN and other heads of state to support this plan, emphasising that, "It is our duty to bring those aspects of Western society that we all enjoy; democracy, more than 300 digital TV channels and Pizza Hut all you can eat sessions, to those regions that do not have it."

She did, however, announce that these principles could be purchased in return for a large quantity of oil but that there would be a tight deadline for such offers, stating "the time for diplomacy is now". A Union spokesperson however made it clear it had no intentions to make such bargains. The justification given was, "I need to keep well-oiled to satisfy Jemima. By the way, I'm starving, you got any 50ps?"

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