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The Newly-Empowered SAC

Jun 14 2005 17:45
Geefor Gorrillaz
After constitutional changes were passed increasing SAC's powers, two interesting policies are being proposed for tonight's meeting.
A polka-dot bow tie...

The agenda for tonight's meeting includes two papers purporting to be proposed "by SAC". The first paper, "Acknowledgement of the Value of SAC", states that: "It is quite clear that SAC is really the only important committee in the Union. For this reason it is vitally necessary to ascertain our pompous importance... We are important and we?ve always been important. Its blatantly clear that we will continue to be important as we?re the ones who actually do fun and progressive stuff within our little community."

The paper resolves "To inform exec that we are better than them", and justifies proposed spending for handover activities on the grounds that any underspend "will only go to the cr*ppy executive next year, who?ll waste it on dodgy stuff."

The second paper proposed giving the incoming DP(C&S), Simon Matthews, "a nice big SAC (mandate)", stating "Many of us will not be here next year, but are here now. The Deputy President (Clubs & Societies) will be here next year (with a bit of luck ? degree results pending), but isn?t here now. This situation blatantly requires some attention. This is best attended to in the order of mandates."

The suggested mandates are as follows:

1) To always wear a purple shirt and a polka dot bow tie when chairing SAC.

2) To wear a fancy dress chicken outfit for the whole of Freshers? Fair.

3) That whenever he speaks in SAC he must preface his pronouncements with ?simon says??

4) To create SAC policy that SAC must ignore anything the Deputy President (Clubs & Societies) says if the Deputy President (Clubs & Societies) does not preface with ?Simon says??

This paper has raised suggestions that the incoming DP(C&S) should be mandated to do several extra things since someone currently linked to that position had enough free time to write these papers.

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Discussion about “The Newly-Empowered SAC”

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Jun 15 2005 00:54

Well done morons, you've just proved you really are worse than exec, you don't deserve any extra freedom that council may have granted you.

You let little richard get away with being stupid, and just allowed any CSC to spend its contingency however it pleases even if it is just socialising...sorry i mean err 'networking'.

Jun 16 2005 17:09

What can SAC do now?

Jun 16 2005 19:00

They've removed the treasurers, changed the chair to the DPCS, and stated that SAC should set policy on student activities.

I was under the impression, and I could be wrong, that SAC always used to set policy so I don't really see how this changes things.

4. Simon   
Jun 17 2005 10:45

It was the usual thing: SAC could recommend policy, but only Council could pass policy.

Jun 17 2005 11:23

Treasurers never seemed very invited anyways, or was that just me?

Jun 17 2005 12:22

Bring back the UFC!

Jun 17 2005 13:28

Union Fried Chicken????

I've heard enough people complain about the curries as it is

Jun 17 2005 16:39

SAC had policy making powers when appropriately delegated - such as over the tours policy.

9. Hmmm   
Jun 18 2005 16:34

Not necessarily a bad idea in principle. My only concern is that it has already proven beyond the Union's powers this year (and I believe it is the President's responsibillity) the policy that Council and Exec has passed. How the hell are they going to cope with keeping an up-to-date record of yet another policy-making committee's activities?

10. Hmm   
Jun 18 2005 16:36

Obviously I meant that sentence to read;

"My only concern is that it has already proven beyond the Union's powers this year (and I believe it is the President's responsibillity) to keep track of the policy that Council and Exec has passed."

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