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Sabbs in Crisis

Sep 04 2006 09:33
The Dark Knight
The Union offices were plunged into crisis on Friday.

ICU President John Collins encountered his first major crisis on Friday, with a vital support service in the Union failing at a crucial time.

The single most important inhabitant of the ICU offices - the kettle - let the side down badly on Friday afternoon, depriving the Sabbatical Officers of tea.

Collins refused to comment on the effect on staff morale, but stated that "the C&G President has offered to save ICU from impending doom by purchasing a nice new kettle for us".

A crack(pot) team, led by C&G President James Fok, embarked on an epic mission on Sunday to liberate new tea-making facilties from Ikea, along with some furniture.

It is believed a paper may come to Union Council at the start of the year, calling for the censure of the failed kettle.

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Discussion about “Sabbs in Crisis”

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1. ExEd   
Sep 04 2006 13:33

So it seems the Live! team are now putting 'articles' up on the news pages simply for the sake of it.

I'm sure there's something genuinely worth reporting on if you look hard enough.

If there really is nothing worth reporting on then maybe not reporting rubbish would be a prudent alternative.

Sep 04 2006 14:59

Don't be so miserable.

This is a nice harmless silly-season report, and it's filed under 'Spoof' anyway.

Certainly better than having nothing new appearing for weeks.

3. Stef   
Sep 04 2006 15:33

obviously someone has not had the experience of being in the Union offices when there is a lack of tea. Its horrific.

Sep 04 2006 17:23

For what its worth, this made me chuckle, and spoke of a subject close to my heart.

Who ever said Live! couldn't have a laugh?

Sep 04 2006 17:47

Speaking as someone who has, on occasion, had to tell Mr Collins that there is only Decaf tea in the house, I can only imagine the horror in the offices on Friday.

Sep 04 2006 22:16

Ex-Ed, this is the kinda article that a student paper NEEDS. And the kinda article that makes an alumnus like myself laugh really well and good. Laughing is good for your health you know. Made my day. Good on you Knight, of the Dark variety.

Sep 05 2006 01:18

hey, noone ever brings me a cup of tea. or asks me. i'm hurt.

Sep 05 2006 10:47

Andy, perhaps you should have called me as well... I am here to save the day! Especially for the Beit Sabbs.

(Oh just in case you got the wrong idea, I am not implying I am a tea lady [or the male equivalent] but I could have got you a kettle too.)

Sep 05 2006 11:11

I'm sure you'd be welcome at "Fok's Internet Cafe" (aka the Guilds office) for a cup of tea or a freshly made coffee.

You'll probably have to make it yourself though... Oh, and you might want to bring some milk :)

Sep 05 2006 15:45

Ah yes, the Guilds Internet Cafe...

11. Sam   
Sep 08 2006 01:11

I never used to drink Tea and Coffee when I was a Sabb. What is the point of working above a cheap bar if you don't use it?

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