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Queen's Tower to be Re-clad

Apr 01 2008 00:08
Andrew Holland
Controversial plans to re-clad the Queen's Tower in glass have been revealed, as part of the ongoing campus rebuild.
An artist's impression of the new look for the Queen's Tower

Plans released today by College have announced that the Queen's Tower, one of the last remaining pieces of Victorian architecture around College, will be re-clad in blue glass. The plan, which has received planning permission from the City of Westminster, and from English Heritage, is due to begin over the Summer, with an expected completion date of Summer 2009.

Victorian architecture has no place in a modern scientific research establishment
College statement

The process involves building a steel scaffolding support around the tower, which will then have panes of blue glass attached. A college press release stated: "We hope that these proposals will show that Imperial College is keen to move into the twenty first century, whilst still respecting our one hundred and one years of history. Victorian architecture has no place in a modern scientific research establishment, and this development will show Imperials intent to look to the future."

The results of glass re-cladding can be seen already around the college, in places such as the Bessemer Building, and parts of Tanaka Business School.

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Discussion about “Queen's Tower to be Re-clad”

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Apr 01 2008 01:04

that would be cool, except they should use mirrors instead of just glass.

Apr 01 2008 08:06

April Fools!

3. JHJH   
Apr 01 2008 08:52

obviously... covering the tower with glass? come on!

Apr 01 2008 11:35

I think it is a nice idea... we are not exactly destroying or "completely" hiding the Queen's Tower! I think this could give us an edgier look to the college.

Shame it is April's Fool.

5. Alice   
Apr 01 2008 13:27

There's no way college could get something like that organised in one year: It must be an April fools!

6. frfr   
Apr 01 2008 13:31

whats the point of even asking urself the question?

Apr 01 2008 13:43

If anyone else is that sad, here are some from previous years:

Apr 02 2008 14:39

I know it's only an April fool, but the sound of Sir John Betjeman revolving in his grave is just _too_ good!

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