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More from the Land Down Under

Oct 04 2005 10:17
Helen Dawson
An update on life as an exchange student in other words gallivanting around the tourist sites!
A similar photo of a Live! Editor in a wetsuit has been sensored due to the sensitive nature of some students reading the article.

Hello again from Down Under,

As you are all starting your new term I have done more than half my first semester here (of 2). Just a few more weeks before the 4 month holiday over the summer.

I have to say I am a tad worried about the summer weather. It was 34oC here on Monday and it is early spring?needless to say a slightly red, peeling nose has occurred due to the weather! Happy autumn everyone!

Update on the roaches?they came back, finding our newly fixed microwave a lovely place for a nest (see previous article, The bait put down from the previous incident have had absolutely no effect. They scuttle into them, through them and out of them with no ill effects. So having cooked dinner with 8 of the friendly chaps scuttling around near the hob, action was taken when roach spray was found. We also found a funnel web spider in one of the bedrooms? needless to say I was not there at that time. If I had have been you may well have found me back in the UK by now!

We?ve just had a mid-semester break here and so I have done a few touristy things which I have to tell you about just to make you jealous! Lucky for me a certain Live! Editor was out here with me during this break.

We climbed the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It?s not that arduous a climb and the views from the top are fantastic although slightly disconcerting seeing a helicopter there below you! Well worth doing it if you get out here. We also did a seaplane flight over the beaches and the city. The flight was a tad bumpy but the landing was better than many commercial flights landing on the more solid stuff! So now we have walked across it, got the train across it, climbed it, flown over it and even sailed a 29ft yacht under the bridge. We decided not to swim under it as when sailing we saw box jelly fish in the harbour waters!

We also took a flight up to Cairns, which is North Queensland (that little pointy bit on the top right of the map). Goodness knows what Captain Cook felt landing at Cape Tribulation and scaling Mount Sorrow and Mount Misery as we quite liked the 30oC temperature and beautiful beach. We stayed in a village called Dibuji which comprised of a small supermarket, a pharmacy, a backpackers lodge and bar and our hotel. If we were to have continued on the road past the hotel we would have needed a 4X4. It poured and poured with rain though. Being in a rainforest we didn?t mind so much. I have to say we made a conscious effort not to swim in the near by creek as a 2.5m crocodile lives there and had just eaten an Australian in the preceding week.

We headed back down to Cairns for a trip out to the reef. We snorkelled for over 3 hours on the reef and saw a reef shark and Chris?s favourite fish, ?Toon Army Fish? otherwise known as a banner fish, with an unsuspecting interest in a certain northern footy team. If you wanted to you could touch the coral. The crew did tell us of a ?fire coral? and how it would feel like a constant cigarette burn and a lighter being held on you for 18 months but they didn?t tell us what it looked like so we didn?t risk it. But on a serious note, when you see the coral and realise how sensitive it is to human touch (it can die instantly) and you see how beautiful the world is under water you didn?t want to touch it.

But back to reality and the fact that I am actually here to do a degree, not dice with death with the various creatures native to this land. Next instalment in Boomerang shall be a review of the Australian International Motor-show to be held in Darling Harbour. Good luck to everyone starting the new year.

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Discussion about “More from the Land Down Under”

The comments below are unmoderated submissions by Live! readers. The Editor accepts no liability for their content, nor for any offence caused by them. Any complaints should be directed to the Editor.
1. erm   
Oct 05 2005 13:23

How is this news?

Oct 05 2005 14:15

It isn't. It's a column and is published as such.

The editors decided that a regular column from a student on exchange would be a useful and informative (And possibly even amusing) insight into what it is like to do an academic exchange particulalry for anyone considering such a move and were fortunate to find someone willing to write one.

This is not the first time such a column has appeared on Live! More seasoned reader will remember the Potage column.

3. erm   
Oct 05 2005 23:08

Le Potage actually wrote about stuff that was of interest to more than a small segment of the readership. The problem with this recent column entry is that it reads more like a postcard than a column, and I frankly don't care what someone I don't know is doing on holiday.

Oct 06 2005 09:58

Then don't read it if you don't want to

5. erm   
Oct 06 2005 12:29

OK, maybe I shouldn't read it, however if it's published on a news and opinion website read by hundreds, if not thosands, of people yet doesn't contain any real news or opinion and the content is likely to be of interest to perhaps a handful of people reading it, this does make me wonder what the point of sticking it on this website is. Why not just email her friends to tell them what she's doing on holiday?

Oct 06 2005 12:42

1) It is not a holiday it is an academic exchange

2) Many people have expressed an interest or have admitted to having enjoyed the article.

3) By writing what is going on from day today it shows that the experience of an accademic exchange are about far more than simply going to lectures in a foreign country.

4) The editors decided it was worthy and as editors this is our right as editors.

Oct 06 2005 15:25

"The editors decided that a regular useful and informative..."

One of the editors in particular will find it informative and interesting lol.

Erm - Live generally doesn't contain news.

Oct 06 2005 15:34

I would suggest that the previous comment be "Live doesn't always contain news" rather than "generally doesn't"

Oct 06 2005 18:54

Ramdon student, if you are sugesting that this article was published due to any personal link to one of the editors I would like to advise you that this article was published by the other Live! Editor. In fact the first time I saw it was after publication when I read it online.

Generally we do not publish things about ourselves but leave it to the other editor if such circumstance arrises.

10. Arwa   
Oct 07 2005 02:16

It is rather silly but amusing.

"erm" who are you kidding?- live! having "hundreds or even thousands of readers"???what planet are you on?

The exact figure is closer to several dozen at most...

Oct 09 2005 12:45

Editor - I maintain my comment about there being generally no news on Live!

Perhaps full disclosure is needed on Live! especially when a given editor may be biased due to their relationships. For example, if an editor was dating the president of CGCU.

12. Sid   
Oct 09 2005 13:15

It is wonderful to see so many people concerned about Live! I would request all those who have concerns about the operation of Live! to get more involved in running it. Live! is currently looking for people who care to be regular contributors. So if you think you could do a better job than any of the editors, please put your talen where your mouth is at.

p.s. Guildsheet is also looking for wonderful individuals who care about the college and union and would like to try their hand out at some creative writing.

13. ant   
Oct 09 2005 17:32

'creative writing' about sums up all union publications, woe betide anyone finding real news :p

Oct 09 2005 19:07

If an editor were dating the President at the current time they would be one up on the rest of Guilds in that they would probably have seen the president of late.

15. Ruth   
Oct 10 2005 10:32

Arwa, you might be surpised how many people read Live! Only a couple of dozen people actually post in discussion (usually under several pseudonyms) but rather more read it. For example, last year someone posted something less than complimetary about chemists in the discussion and it turned out that round about half my year of chemistry had read it. If half a year of chemists read Live! surely engineers who Live! is actually aimed at are more likely to read it.

"Rondom Stodent" I assume you were being hypothetical, given that one editor is my boyfriend and I am certanly not Guilds president... And I don't believe Helen is guilds president either...

Oct 10 2005 11:13

Well if Helen is she's kept it very quiet!

Oct 14 2005 13:42

Helen, you look really sexy in diving gear.

18. Canute   
Oct 14 2005 17:50

Sanjeev would look good in a river with concrete tied to his legs.

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