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Still need a ball ticket?

Oct 21 2004 15:27
Chris McIver
2 days left for Freshers ball tickets.
It's bigger and better than in this photo, but still full of tipsy students.

This year?s CGCU Freshers? ball, held on the 29th October, looks set to be a great event. To start there?s a formal 3-course meal consisting of a rather posh starter followed by ?Butterfly chicken in red wine jus?, which I?ll certainly be enjoying. Dessert consists of profiteroles in chocolate sauce and the meal is of course all accompanied by plenty of wine. Soft drinks and vegetarian options are also available, and I?m sure are also very nice if you?re that way inclined.

This on its own is surely worth the humble £20 that students are charged for entry, but there is much much more! After the meal there shall be a casino which has returned after its huge success last year, the MDH will seamlessly be transformed into a disco, a chill-out room with a bar, a bouncy castle and even a visit from Bo?. What more could one ask for?

Students from the Physical Sciences Union will be joining the Engineers in the festivities after their meal which is held in the MDH. Tickets are availiable for both events until Monday evening. Engineers can buy tickets in the JCR from 12-2pm on Monday. You can also get tickets at pretty much any time of day from the just slightly stressed management committee in the CGCU office, level 3 Mechanical Engineering.

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Discussion about “Still need a ball ticket?”

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Oct 21 2004 15:30

As an incentive the RAG chair will personally donate ?10 to RAG for every bottle of wine he personally drinks without buying during the evening!

Oct 21 2004 18:14

Step 1:

Someone from RAG take a "loan" to purchase a few bottles of ?2.99 wine from a large Supermarket

Step 2:

Provide these bottles at the Ball and make sure Mr Jackson drinks them

Step 3:


Oct 21 2004 21:00

<girly whinge> I don't know what to wear! </girly whinge>

4. ant   
Oct 21 2004 23:46


or is that just

Oct 22 2004 12:22

Or only ?15 for CGCA members... ;-)

Oct 25 2004 21:39

I have just heard from reliable sources that none of the students in that photo are engineers! They're all ex-RCS!

Oct 25 2004 22:26

The photo was actually taken at the 2001 Guilds Freshers Dinner, where most of the RCSU officers came along as a show of inter-ccu camaraderie.

Oliver Pell used the photo in the Live! report on the event as a bit of fun, and it has been used in connection with just about every CGCU formal dinner since!

Oct 26 2004 11:15

My plan is foiled; I thought going back to 2001 and stealing the photo which'd presumably been taken of the exec the year before would've ensured success, "and I'd have gotten away with it if it weren't for you pesky kids!"

Oct 26 2004 12:15

Don't worry Chris, the oldskool had noticed that picture..."That" picture has now been overused! Here is a link to one of the articles.

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