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CGCU Internship Fair 2004

Nov 22 2004 15:30
Walter Plinge
Its that time of year again
The Fair in the Great Hall several years ago

This Wednesday from 11-3 sees the return of the Internship Fair, which this year is to be held in the Mechanical Engineering Concourse and Tanaka Business School foyer. The Internship Fair is the most important date for engineers wanting to gain invaluable experience over the summer, with some leading engineering companies including Shell and ExxonMobil and representatives from Imperial Colleges UROP scheme, Engineers Without Borders and IAESTE who run exchange programs to Europe.

Engineers wishing to sell their souls to the dark side (or work in finance as it is also called) are also welcome as various financial institutes shall also be in attendance. (Bankers!)

The fair looks set to continue the (slightly wobbly) trend of improvements that have been seen over the last 4 years thanks to the efforts of Anne Baarup and her team at the Internship Centre. Miss Baarup commented that there would be 20 stalls this year and it is thought that she plans to continue her role as internship coordinator through to next year in order to make some long-term improvements to the way it is run.

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Discussion about “CGCU Internship Fair 2004”

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Nov 25 2004 19:42

So, are we getting a report on yesterday's event or not?

Nov 25 2004 20:04

Did someone just volunteer to write an article? ;-P

Nov 26 2004 17:31

I think someone just did, some old fool I beleive ;-)

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