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Study Abroad - People give you money

Mar 24 2004 09:09
Andrew Caisley
Le Potage explains how to get people to write you cheques without loitering near Kings Cross in a microskirt.
Just don't try spending dollars in France

Hopefully last week's rant convinced the world that living in Paris will not cause you to fail your degree. This week we explain why a placement abroad will not ruin your bank balance. Obviously no-one should study abroad to make money. Nevertheless second behind "I don't want to fail my degree" comes "I can't afford it" in the big list of shoddy excuses.

Given that your bank balance has been squished like a tiny labour backbencher shaped pancake under an enormous education minister shaped hippopotamus, you will be pleased to hear that, after London, living anywhere is cheap.

Of course you will wish to have fun whilst you are abroad. Think of all those extra pastries you will have to eat. Skiing and sightseeing are expensive too. Therefore it is a wise choice to make someone else pay. If those people are Belgian, West Bromwich Albion supporters or any other type of retrograde miscreant then so much the better.

Luckily the people who thought up student exchanges realised the expense involved and found a large number of people with either too much money or an insufficient audit trail to support you. On an Erasmus year abroad in France you could receive money from the Student Loan Company, the French Government and the European Union.

There are also savings to be made. Many Erasmus students do not pay tuition fees (read the very small print for details). Comically, the French government can provide up to £200 housing benefit per month to students. These savings should, of course, be offset against the cost of travel and relocation.

The most important thing is to be clued up on where you can get money from. For information contact our old friend .

Mostly you will have to spend extra money on travel. This varies enormously. How often you intend to return, for vacations, job interviews or just an evening in the bar should be taken into consideration when you pick your destination. Obviously finding somewhere to live will be your biggest budgeting headache. Apply early and you are likely to find a place in a hall of residence. If not then get in touch with some other students (try to avoid just English speaking ones if you want to learn a foreign language) and rent an apartment. In some parts of Western Europe you can rent a small palace for about £40 per person, per week. In Paris or Stockholm you can expect to pay similar rent to London.

In any case no city in Europe is more expensive than London. Take an exchange and you won't be left out of pocket. Read the last three articles? Good, now you know where you can go and why you have no excuse not to.

Next week - how to get yourself the perfect exchange.

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Discussion about “Study Abroad - People give you money”

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1. eric   
Apr 03 2005 01:19

need money to help me live thank you

2. Chris   
May 03 2005 12:00


"In any case no city in Europe is more expensive than London"

Not intending to discourage people from undertaking a placement but I think the author has neglected Stockholm. I have been on a placement here for nearly 10 months and now i'm completely skint. On the flip side i have had one of the best years of my life and have experienced a country that i might never have visited otherwise.

I could never nderstand why such a small number of people from England go on ERASMUS placements.

May 03 2005 14:58

Studying in Europe is also good for developing what's known as a sex-life. A serious point - since students at Imperial have terrible sex lives. Me included.

May 03 2005 17:12

I would have thought that Scandanvia was better for that sort of thing :-)

May 07 2005 02:02

you get to meet scandinavian babes on these europe programmes. By the way when all these ex-ERASMUS students talk about "the best year of their lives" it's only because their year in europe was the only chance they got to get their leg over during their degree.

May 07 2005 02:07

You get these people taht say - "oooh I wanted to learn a new language". "I went for the culture"..etc etc. It's all lies

The only reason they go is to have loads of 'you know what' with european chicks who by and large are more friendly and relaxed about getting it on.

7. Chris   
May 08 2005 17:22

mmmmm maybe the reason that you aren't having much luck at Imperial is because you are coming across as desperate?! Last time i checked the euro ladies didn't find deperation any more sexy than the brit women.

Just a though though...

May 08 2005 19:14

Education, Education, Education

If all you seek are women, find them in the Library. In this glorious place of 24hr. learning ye shall find all varities of women, from Biology to Medicine, from China to France.

May 09 2005 10:57

"from Biology to Medicine"

Engineering doesn't fall within that range.

May 09 2005 16:11


Don't tell me you expect beautiful women in engineering, foo!

11. Ruth   
May 10 2005 10:51

No, "go to Europe", all students at Imperial do not have terrible sex lives, mine is pretty damn good. The problem is that the average Imperial male moans about how single he is and then does nothing about it (except looking on the internet). Go on all you desparate people, make an effort! There are women (even in Engineering although there are more in other faculties) go and pull them!

Perhaps Live! could start a personals section to help?

12. simon   
May 10 2005 12:11

Broadsheet has a personals section :)

May 10 2005 13:08

I'd just like to add a quote from a previous RAG chair:

"A woman's perspective at Imperial: The odds are good, but the goods are odd"

14. Chris   
May 13 2005 16:44

I agree with Ruth. During my first three years at Imperial all i heard was people complaining about the lack of girls and how they are destined to a sexless life of studying. For god's sake you are in London, a city rife with minxes. If you can't find any totty at college just get out more and i guarantee you'll find some.

I am in Sweden now and in my experience the women in London are a lot friendlier and willing to talk more.

Women at Imperial, you can also do your bit for the cause. Don't tie yourself down to one guy, get yourselves around a bit. Try and screw a few people that you'd normally class as unattractive, even if it's just for sympathy.

I feel i have done my bit for humanity by dispensing these pearls of wisdom. Feel free to post any other relationship problems here for me (or any other kind spirit) to solve. I think this forum has lacked an agony aunt/uncle for too long!

May 13 2005 21:14


What about one for Catholics? Not everybody is concerned about how many people they can sleep with in their three/four years studying.

16. Chris   
May 14 2005 15:40

The Cathloics are more than welcome to post their problems and dilemas, as are all other religions.

There is no problem too big or too small, too pervy or too platonic!

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