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Mishmash - A Mostly Harmless Column

Jun 25 2001 21:48
School of Medicine Announce Return to Traditional Teaching; Sen's Secrets Revealed; MIT Notes Impact IC; Summerball Success Lays Foundations for Future.
Mishmash, by Kevin a random entity who doesn't know nothin' about nothin'

Imperial College School of Medicine has been experimenting with a new brand of medical education over the past three years. The course is one of the very few in the country where students get into hospitals and see patients from day one. The first three years are spent concentrating on the touchy feely aspects of medicine such as communication skills and empathy. Medical learning during these first three years is relatively limited, much is expected to be self taught, and is examined by trivial multiple guess quizzes, and of course the infamously ridiculous computer based statistics test with online help. Following the entry of the first wannbe doctors to undergo this course into their clinical training ICSM have realised that the approach taken to their education in the first three years has left them ill-prepared from the more traditional second half of their training. In an incredible move course directors at the medical school have decided to accept that their experiment has failed, and are set to make changes to the current course to give students a more rigorous, traditional education in their formative years at the school. To save face it is planned that these changes will be introduced gradually over the next three to five years.


ICU’s new President Sen Ganesh has been planning his entire life around getting the sabbatical position for the last few years. Sen completed his undergraduate degree in the year in which Hamish Common was elected President. It is now believed that Sen did not stand for the presidency at this time as he came to some sort of agreement with Hamish. In order to be eligible to stand this year Sen has spent the last year at Imperial taking an MSc course which has involved him repeating large chunks of the fourth year of his undergraduate degree. The year was not entirely effortless though, he is thought to have done one or two modules for the first time, however it is thought that the fact that one of his ‘very good friends’ had already completed these coursework heavy courses would have come in useful.


It is likely that by the start of next year course notes from MIT will be available online for a wide variety of subjects that are taught at Imperial. The scheme, known as MIT–OpenCourseWare, the scheme is designed will serve as a model for university dissemination of knowledge in the Internet age. In the Chemistry department staff have already been looking at MIT’s offerings, and were worried by the possible implications. One lecturer was wondering how they could justify the tuition cost of their courses now that lecture material was available in a superior form for free.


Following the huge success of Idris Harding and his team’s Imperial College Summer Ball college has given the go-ahead to another massive student run event to be held in the college. The RCSU’s Beer festival was this week given the go-ahead by head of catering John Foster on behalf of the College, who were particularly impressed by the quality and speed of the cleanup following the Summer Ball – the Great Hall was back in its examination room format by nine o’clock Sunday morning, just five hours after the event closed. The Beer Festival has in the past been one of the largest and most enjoyable RAG events, and will provide a popular and highly visible core to RAG activities next year. The event, which will feature the drinking of a huge variety of exotic Beers, Ciders and Largers will be held on the afternoon and evening of Wednesday the 6th March. People wishing to get involved in the event should contact Stuart Davis. .uk


While Kevin has not yet found and excuse to stay around college next year the Felix editor–elect Will Dugdale did made a hustings pledge that should it be submitted, Mishmash will continue. Fantastic.

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Discussion about “Mishmash - A Mostly Harmless Column”

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Jun 25 2001 22:10

Well, you'll be more than welcome here if Will Dugdale declines.

Jun 26 2001 10:57

MCQ (or multiple guess) have been ued for quite a while in biochem too.

Jun 26 2001 11:21

Hmm... Mish Mash factually accurate as usual.

4. bored   
Jun 26 2001 12:45

Hey! What happened to Heeps on Monday?

MishMash just doesn't have that sort of appeal any more!

Jun 27 2001 11:53

God, you must be your namesake if you want Heeps on Monday back..

Sorry for the delay - Heeps on Wednesday or Thursday should be happening at some point in the next 24h.

Any requests? Come on Stef, you like suggesting topics...

6. stef   
Jun 27 2001 13:41

The only story i know of is 'ex girlfriend of sabb leaks stories to dodgy student press'

Jun 27 2001 13:52

How about slagging off mascotry?

8. stef   
Jun 27 2001 13:56

Well if by any chance you pop to south ken on Thursday - College Open Day

9. dave   
Jun 27 2001 14:06

Did I miss something Richard, or aren't you leaving on Friday? Does this mean you're intending to write a column from afar, and fabricate the entirety of Mishmash, rather than the regulation 51%?

Jun 27 2001 18:21

Kevin is not the only leaver who will continue to contribute as an alumnus journalist.

A certain predecssor of mine, who is envious of Andy Heeps' abilitiy to slag off sabbaticals, is keen to use this resource for such purposes.

11. Hamish   
Jun 27 2001 20:03

Yes! That's right! Get ready for "Voice of the Common Man" (geddit) coming soon!

12. stef   
Jun 27 2001 20:56


Jun 30 2001 21:12

Minions are not supposed to groan.

Oct 11 2001 00:51

How incredible sad you all are. And me to for reading your inane ramblings. Heeps on Whatever-day-he-can-be-arsed is a complete load of boring trash. At least Mish-mash takes the mick out of people who deserve it and rips the pish out of college (who often fall into the previous group too).


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