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Mishmash - A Mostly Harmless Column

Nov 01 2001 18:11
Kevin comments on recent events at Imperial Union including Felix; Utopia; and Education, Eduation, Education.
Mishmash; a mostly harmless column by Kevin. Kevin is a random entity who doesn't know nothin' about nothin'

Kevin was shocked when he walked into the union bar last Friday evening to discover senior union hacks and their friends handing over free drinks tokens in return for alcohol. The tokens were presumably produced as a gesture of hospitality towards guests attending the opening of the Beit Basements, and had fallen into irresponsible hands. The negative effect on the average student’s view of corrupt cronyism within ICU should not be underestimated. In Kevin’s opinion this latest escapade is a step up from the previous galling cases of sabbaticals apparently ushering their friends into sold out comedy nights.


At quite considerable expense to ICU a number of students were employed to work on the "Utopia" project which aims to modernise some areas of ICU’s operations. Unsurprisingly to Kevin those employed were established union figures, including the current president Sen Ganesh. One of their major tasks was to introduce some improved web-based services. Kevin’s browsing has not revealed any fruits of their labours, though apparently if he had looked deeper some media and international societies presences may have had a face lift. Ben Hawkins, ICU’s deputy president for finance and services failed to present a report to the last ICU council detailing the work of the Utopia project. Students interested in quite how far seven grand goes when you start spending it on IT projects may be enlightened by


Following the election of a president with no particular policies, aims and objectives for his term of office, the last ICU Council before the summer decided to give the year some clear direction. It was resolved that ICU’s ‘number one priority this academic session’ would be to work on education issues. This presents ICU with a rare opportunity to take action in an area which affects every one of its members.. However based on his actions so far Sen Ganesh does not appear to be taking the decision of council seriously. Kevin believes there is more chance of seeing the creation of a sabbatical post to organise parties for international students than ICU achicing a major success in for example reducing the high proportion of 2:2 and lower degrees awarded to science students. David Francis, ICU’s deputy president for education and welfare appears from his Felix column and reports to council to be intent on focusing on fluffy welfare issues rather than dealing with the serious obstacles many students encounter while trying to get a good degree from the college.

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Some people are commenting on the new more relaxed timetable from the production of Felix. No longer do the team laze around all week and concentrate all their efforts on producing the paper into Wednesday evening and the early hours of Thursday morning. Kevin has heard many explanations for the changes, the most credible being that will, who has created a very cosy sofa/TV/beanbag ‘office’ quite enjoys the lack of distractions from a bunch of wannabe writers ‘after hours’.

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Discussion about “Mishmash - A Mostly Harmless Column”

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Nov 02 2001 10:25

Rumour has it that Will also has about 8 brand new spanking computers and a server; as opposed to the 2 working computers they had last year. Last year's Editor sounds like he spent half his time repairing or waiting for a computer rather than using one himself

Nov 08 2001 22:56

That's probably because last year's Editor didn't know how to use a computer. Or prepare accounts. Or edit a weekly student newspaper.

3. john   
Nov 09 2001 12:03

Cheap shot, but the computers bit really wasn't my fault. You must admit, Will's got much nicer kit than I did. But I'm not bitter...

I love this place, people can be really friendly to your face & openly hostile behind your back. This is why I like Andy Heeps- at least he's honest :)

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