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Brian May Endorses ICU RAG

Jan 18 2005 18:21
Chris Jackson
Chris Jackson writes an odd article, but requests that we don't stop him now.
Awsome guitarist and IC Graduate

ICU RAG are pleased to announce a breakthrough in their fundraising efforts with the Tsunami appeal reaching £3500 and receiving a letter from non other than Brian May, Imperial alumni and Queen guitarist.

Upon receipt of this letter Atul Rana, RAG legend and eternal student, declared loudly ?We are the Champions? before been hit violently for using such an aweful pun. Atul deserves special mention for having the flash of inspiration to write to Mr May?s PR company to get his support.

Sid Singh commented to Atul that ?No one but you could be this lucky? before cursing the fact that the next Guildsheet currently consists of 8 blank pages with a title.

John Collins, CGCU President and ex-RAG Treasurer commented ?Now I?m here? but this is believed to be in relation to the meeting he was arriving late for at the time.

In his letter Mr May wrote:

?My own memories of student life at IC are still strong enough to understand that life in college doesn?t leave a lot of spare cash. But even small contributions make a difference?

Upon receipt of the letter, RAG Treasurer Robin Avery emerged from a pile of copper coins and shouted ?I want to break free? and ran to the bank who refused to take all the money, declaring, ?come on RAG, play the game, let us know when your bringing such large sums in small coinage?.

RAG Vice Chair accused the chair of being a ?Liar?, but then was later forced to accept that the letter was real.

Mascotry officer John James was heard to mutter ?It?s a miracle? before cursing his bicycle as he found yet another puncture in the inner tube.

The letter comes as a welcome boost to the RAG committee who are currently under pressure with the tsunami appeal and preparations for rag week and is particularly unusual as the RAG post has recently contained large amounts of publicity material and a condom from the information and advice centre, which unusually for RAG lead to no innuendo.

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Discussion about “Brian May Endorses ICU RAG”

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Jan 18 2005 18:46

It sould be pointed out that the condom is going to be used in a most suitable manner: to prevent the procreation of Jeremey and Jemima.

Jan 19 2005 09:24

Should it not be 'flash' also for flash of inspiration. You probably could have got a bicycle race in there somewhere.

Jan 19 2005 09:26

Actually, scrap that. Very clever.

Jan 19 2005 12:07

How many queen songs are there in this article? I've spotted at least 6

Jan 19 2005 12:14

Oh, there's more than six songs, even an album name is in there somewhere for the die hard Queen fans out there.

Jan 19 2005 12:48

I think Queen references are into double figures.

Jan 19 2005 13:15

To those doubters, this letter is real, but I'm hiding it!

Jan 19 2005 17:08

I wrote it with 10, but I now count 11, there will be a prize for the first person to email them all to me

Jan 19 2005 17:10

Actually, make that 12

Jan 19 2005 19:42

did brian may really go to Imperial College????????????

Jan 19 2005 20:32

Well done! Glad to see ICU RAG is still going strong -


(Rag Chair 1999-2000)

Jan 19 2005 21:17

Yes, he did.

If I remember correctly, he did his Physics BSc here (so yes, he's an ARCS), started doing his PhD, but got too involved in Smile (which latter morphed into Queen), so didn't end up finishing it.

If I remember correctly, he still has a very large interest in Astronomy, and may very well have a PhD for it, but I don't know off the top of my head.

13. Gary   
Jan 20 2005 09:22

A couple of summers ago the official Queen fan club held a party in dB's to celebrate the aniversary of Freddie Mercury's Birthday because of Brian May's connections with Imperial. It was quite a fun gig really with a good Queen cover band. Sadly Brian was apparently too busy to attend (even though he doesn't live far from Imperial now).

Jan 20 2005 11:54

Amazing that there's still no reference to the old "Is this the real life...." song.

Jan 20 2005 13:01

I tried Atul, I tried, but not even I could manage it.

Jan 20 2005 17:52

Anyone can see getting the title in would've been a fantasy, but no reference at all sends shivers down my spine!

It's too late Chris, your time has come- when I open my eyes, all I see is a poor boy! A mere silhouetto of a man.

Goodbye everybody, I've got to go and do coursework.

p.s. I sometimes wish you'd never been born Atul.

17. Seb   
Jan 24 2005 11:30

Oh my God, what awful punnage.

18. Sunil   
Mar 07 2005 18:34

How can we forget "Mustapha"? :)

19. Clive   
Jun 23 2005 13:25

He certainly does have a large interest in astronomy - either that or his appearance on "The Sky at Night" was a figment of my imagination.

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