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RAG Week Singalong

Feb 17 2005 09:43
Chris Jackson
RAG Week has been and gone, so time for some musical verses to sum up the week
Yep, RAG week has been and gone

Monday ? Doughnuts and Pianists

RAG Week begun, the walkway turned to fun, Sanity, there was none

The Elections were outdone,

IC RAG Chair,

Didn?t wanna be, IC Rag Chair, Anymore.

Tuesday ? Pancake Race

The RAG Team gave us eggs, then we ran round in a square,

Add in some milk,

Then, flour, and off,

For a quick Limbo,

Wednesday ? RAG RAID

We are the raiders my friends

And we?ll swim in fountains till the end

No time for loose-change

We want the fivers

Thursday ? Slave Auction

Nudity, Must be due to C&G,

Up near Harrods he just ran past me,

Not a pretty sight for all to see.

Friday ? Dave?s Distance Dash

It?s a distance dash, making lots of cash,

Hitch-hiking, its exciting.

Blagging up the road

Or down the Thames they rowed,

Getting there free,

Was not easy.

Come on Ragsters lets go blagster

Saturday ? Circle Line Pub Crawl

What would you do, if I drank on the tube?

Throw me off, then I?d got to a pub,

Let me back on, and I?ll make the next stop,

I?ll try, not to throw up the lot,

Oh, I?ll get round, with a little help from my friends,

I?ll get round with a little help from my friends,

Buy me a shot, and I?ll drink the lot,

I?ll try not to throw up on you,

Oh, I?ll get round with a little help from my friends.

As if these ramblings were not enough look out for the sing along a RAG Mag later in the year. It will be a treat to behold, the songs are being written by a competant lyricist.

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Discussion about “RAG Week Singalong”

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Feb 17 2005 14:32

Yep, the songs are back, name the orriginals for a bit of a laugh, the winner will get a free RAG week T-Shirt.

Feb 17 2005 20:16

Monday - "All By Myself",

Tuesday - "A Design For Life", Manic Street Preachers

Wednesday - "We Are The Champions", Queen

Thursday - "Yesterday", The Beatles

Friday - "Barbie Girl", Aqua

Saturday - "With A Little Help From My Friends", The Beatles

Feb 17 2005 20:59

That would be "All By Myself" by Celine Dion...

Feb 17 2005 21:24

He Who Knows All might have an unfair advantage

Feb 17 2005 23:07

"He Who Knows All" might already have a RAG t-shirt - well, more than one, as it happens

Feb 18 2005 10:29

Ah, but it wasn't originally by Celine "I am ze greatest zinger in ze vurld" Dionne. Does anyone know who had a hit with it originally in the 70s? Bonus prize to anyone who knows which piece of classical music inspired/is used in the song.

7. Ruth   
Feb 18 2005 11:33

Eric Carmen although has been rereleased many time by many people!

8. Ruth   
Feb 18 2005 11:37

Oh and the classical piece of music it's based on is Rachmaninoff's 2nd piano concerto!

9. Chris   
Feb 18 2005 14:46

And the 70's version was by Eric Carmen I think

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