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Breakfast Anyone?

Feb 25 2005 11:26
Chris Jackson
Off the wall turns his attention to that formerly great moment of the day known as breakfast
The one thing in student life more likely to get you up than a triple maths seminar...

During a not infrequent visit to the JCR this snowy morning for the former joy that was a top-notch, almost northern-esque greasy breakfast, a couple of things started to get to me, which is why I thought I would take this opportunity to vent some frustration.

Complaint 1 -Hash Browns

These bastions of potato-based yumminess used to be one of the highlights of the day, until they decided to downsize to the pathetic Tesco-type ones now available.

Complaint 2 -Staff

Gone is the efficiency of my 2nd year days when the staff knew what would be on my plate before I'd even picked it up. Now are the days where you have to perform an outrageous circus trick to even get the staff to notice your prescence; once your existance is noted, they will then quiz you about what is in front of their eyes. I know that the food may not be great but surely they can spot the difference between a hash brown and a piece of black pudding, even if one is undercooked and still brown and the other is burnt and black. This whole palava continues whilst your food gets cold and the grease congeals into a mush that could be used to keep the gear boxes of various historic vehicles running smoothly.

Complaint 3 -Suspicion

The smiley face that used to greet me each morning at the till has disapeared, now each day I am greated with an interogation as to what I may have hidden underneath the scrambled egg, or perhaps as to how many pieces of bacon I can surrepticiously sneak out under a miniture hash brown, all this being despite the fact I have being visiting the palace of grease and heart disease since my first year and have never been implicated in a plot to conceal inedible foodstuffs under overly-cooked foodstuffs.

Anyway, I could rant on, but I best not, so, back to breakfast. I shall go but who knows, if all these strange goings on continue I may be forced to go healthy on the world and take up having a bowl of cereal for that opening meal of the day, but then again, what are the chances of a displaced northener eating a healthy meal???

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Discussion about “Breakfast Anyone?”

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Feb 25 2005 17:49

Complaint mark 4-

Cooking beaten eggs in one solid lump and then chopping said lump into approximately one-inch cubes does not constitute "scrambled"

That said, the thought of a cooked breakfast still gets me out of bed when I find myself waking up in South Ken on a weekday, even if I usually then end up getting all health-conscious and having a cereal bar instead.

Feb 25 2005 17:59

Don't forget the chewy goodness of the sausages! :D

3. sauce   
Feb 25 2005 18:31

I remember the last time I had a JCR breakfast, and I also remember why it was the last time.

Complaint 4: Sauce. 'Nuff said

4. Ruth   
Feb 26 2005 14:01

Yuk yuk yuk yuk yuk. All that grease. I prefer a pain au raison from the shop.

5. Ruth   
Feb 26 2005 14:03

Oh and on complaint 2, have you been in the SAF for food recently, they're even worse in there. They are slow, rude and they don't seem to be able to get change correct.

Feb 26 2005 20:02

Sorry this is a bit off topic but I thought people might be interested to know what I've just realised. If you want to look at files in your web cache (C:Documents and SettingsAdministratorTemporary Internet Files or similar) then you need to copy the file to another folder (e.g. desktop) otherwise windows won't open it properly. After that it opens normally. Also, if you want to edit the contents of a pdf, select all, paste, copy into word does the trick.

Feb 27 2005 00:42

Doesn't work on Mac OS X. Please advise...

8. Chris   
Feb 27 2005 10:27

What? 'Not much of a geek'??? How geeky do you want to get? And quite how did you get to computers from college catering???

Feb 27 2005 14:02

That's very interesting, actually. And works very well, thanks!

Feb 27 2005 14:19


very useful

Feb 27 2005 15:08

I'm definitely not a Mac geek I'm afraid. Sorry.

One thing I forgot to mention, 'search' in windows ignored webcache files - cos windows is stupid. You have to do a bit of manual poking around - see filepath above.

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