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No Confidence Meets the Darkness

Mar 01 2005 22:34
Chris Jackson
Off the Wall makes an appearance in a low cut lycra cat suit to comment on recent council events.
ROCK O-O-O-ON!!! Or Something...

Editor's note: We think Chris might have actually flipped this time...

_ To the tune of 'I believe in a thing called love' by the darkness:

_ I can't believe all the motions that get through,

_ Or all the cash being spent without being approved,

_ Breaking rules,

_ As if we're fools,

_ Breaking rules cos you think we're fools,

I believe in a thing called truth,

No more intimidation,

Answer questions that we ask,

No more Procrastination,

I believe in a thing called truth!

_ I want to sack you every minute every hour every day,

_ But Council said last night that is not O-K,

_ Spending cash,

_ Did not ask,

_ Spending cash and you did not ask.

I believe in a thing called truth,

Lets try communication,

Don't keep making things up,

Stop this hack frustration,

I believe in a thing called truth.

_ Voting Yes,

_ Unions in a mess,

_ Voting yes to stop this mess,

I believe in a thing called truth,

You survived near termination,

You really got things wrong,

Wasn't just our interpretation,

I believe in a thing called truth,


Good Night, God Bless, and thanks for the memories!

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Discussion about “No Confidence Meets the Darkness”

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Mar 02 2005 16:06

Does that picture come from an Argos catalogue?

Mar 02 2005 16:21

Wibble, Wobble, Wabble,

Yes I have flipped, blame Civ Eng for giving me 5 pieces of coursework at the same time

3. ant   
Mar 02 2005 16:32

and so you tackle them in the most constructive manner possible, sitting in the guilds office making up stuff for live. Well done.

How about Honsec next year ;)

Mar 02 2005 16:43

I heard he was already doing HonSec.

Mar 02 2005 17:04

My boss Miss H Dawson wishes it to be known that she is still the Hon Sec and is carrying out the role without assistance or delegation to other parties.

6. Anon   
Mar 02 2005 17:06

Maybe he meant "doing the"...

7. Chris   
Mar 02 2005 17:10

Yes Ant, I felt it was the best way to spend my time. Beats the waste of time that being DramSoc president will be!

Mar 04 2005 14:46

Surely that could have been an article rather than an uber long post, or have they cut you off writing as well?

Mar 04 2005 21:11

Is Live! ever going to get back to posting serious news stories, rather than letting people butcher classic songs in vain attempts to be amusing?

10. editor   
Mar 05 2005 12:45

We haven't "Cut off" anyone frmo writing.

If you're having technical problems logging in please let Simon know, or send the atricle by email.

Closed This discussion is closed.

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