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Postcard from Down Under

Sep 16 2005 05:42
Chris Jackson
With England winning the Ashes it seemed a good opportunity for Live! to venture down under to find out what the Ozzies make of defeat
Australian fed up of watching cricket? Why not go see the opera instead

Following England's recent victory over the Austalians in the Ashes test series Live! editor Chris has ventured to Sydney to get the word on the ground as to what they make of it (This is of course totally unrelated to our lovely columist Boomerang's presence in a similar location).

The Ozzies appear to have chosen the time honoured tradition of ignoring the fact that the test series even took place by burrying their heads in the golden Bondi Beach sand with only a slight mention that Ricky Pontin's job as captin is in danger sneaking into the evening news.

Having chosen to ask a couple of locals for their views it was not possible to get the exact wording of the answer due to a combination of a strong local accent which I am not accustomed to and the fact that a swift exit was required when the larger of the group of 3 started swinging a digerydo as close as he could to my head whilst running.

So, in summary the Australian's are choosing to ignore the lack of cricketing ability in their team but if you mention it make sure your travel insurance will cover head injuries caused by the oldest woodwind instrument on earth.

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