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Medic sense of humour

Nov 27 2004 22:35
Prince Albert
Prince Albert is back, to ask: "Can Medics be funny?" and tell you about an opportunity for you to find out for yourselves.
Fitness to Practice - an album of comedy songs in aid of ICSM RAG

Bonjour la classe! Today we?re going to have a little think about the Medic sense of humour.

Let?s ignore for a moment the (almost certainly untrue) tales from the dissecting room that your Medic chums relay during dinner. We?ll also skip the species of comedian who happens to have an MBBS (Harry Hill, Graeme Garden, Graham Chapman etc); and concentrate on the tradition of the Medical School Revue.

You?ve probably heard all sorts of ghastly tales of 600 drunken rugger players jeering in the audience whilst on stage every bodily fluid imaginable is interchanged and splashed around; but have you been to one before? The ICSM show, the Soir?e, isn?t publicised outside of the Med School, so you?ve probably not.

Fear not, I?ve brought along some learning aids. This site has some free tracks to download taken from "Fitness to Practice", a new CD of comedy songs we?ve produced in aid of ICSM RAG (Macmillan Cancer Relief). Don?t worry ? it?s hardly in-jokey at all.

See what you think, and report back to "Live!". It might even convince you there?s such a thing as a Medic sense of humour...

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Discussion about “Medic sense of humour”

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Nov 28 2004 14:53

It's truly a master piece. I am very impressed with Nothing At All. It certainly touches my bottom part of my heart. Thanks Prince Albert!

2. n/a   
Nov 28 2004 18:24

...dare I mention copyright issues?

Nov 28 2004 20:40

Sweet, Nothing at all and Snippets are great! Love the macarena thing in there, aaaaaye.

Nov 28 2004 23:14

But will it beat the proposed 'Sing along a RAG Mag???'

Nov 28 2004 23:29

Medics? Humour?

Nov 29 2004 10:07

I have purchased a copy of the whole album: fantastic! The Dorsal Horn Concerto a la Flanders and Swann is brilliant, as is Paracetamoxyfrusebendroneomycin!

Dec 18 2004 19:36

Wow, I heard the Paracetamo.. song in 1st year, but didn't hear much about it for a while. Just listened to a few tracks now. Hilarious work, guys! Pure genius.

Feb 17 2005 12:26

I heard "Nothing at all" in a rock club last Saturday and it was sure bringing in some laughs, couldn't believe it! Well done guys.

Feb 18 2005 14:04

I heard 80% of this album on wednesday, and am now going to buy it. Possibly the funniest thing to come out of the mouths of medics..

10. d0dger   
Feb 18 2005 15:21

The Going Underground song has acculmulated quite some fame by now, and is also rather good IMHO. I think everyone who uses the tube on a regular basis can relate to it.

Feb 18 2005 16:38

but you should never make the mistake of starting to sing it whislt on the underground. Not all of the closures due to "passenger action" are accidents....the blue and red mafia are after you

Feb 21 2005 15:51

The london underground song seems to be getting around a bit

13. Ruth   
Feb 21 2005 16:14

I'm just waiting for an opportunity to use, "You look like s**t, when you wear nothing at all" on someone!

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