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Where is the Finance Manual?

Oct 10 2007 10:20
Private IC
The Deputy President (Finance and Services) has failed to produce a finance manual, even though we are eleven days into the start of the new year.
The real answer was of course "it will be finished on Friday" ... a bit like Southside's curtains would be "finished on Tuesday"

Warning: This article may contain nuts

Since mid-August, keen club Chairs and Treasurers alike have been questioning members of staff in SAC as to the whereabouts of the finance manual. Having received no finite publication time, several diligent officers have returned on a regular basis to check for its arrival, but to no avail.

I'm looking [forward to] being exposed on Live! next year for being an incompetent buffoon or something similar
Chris Larvin, in a Live! discussion last year

When challenged, Deputy President (Finance and Services) Chris Larvin explains that the manual needs a major overhaul from last year with many updated sections. The preceding DPFS, however, completed almost a whole rewrite of the finance manual and had it published by the end of August. The lack of the manual is especially concerning if it did, in fact, require substantial updating - club officers who received training last year have not been required to attend a further session this year, meaning they have no idea of what these updates may be.

Larvin also failed to make a note of his 'progress' in his report to Council on Monday night. When questioned light-heartedly by the President his grinned reply was that it would be available on Friday. What is most astonishing is that a weak Council accepted his report and seemed completely oblivious to this omission. It is unknown if his report contains two thousand pounds worth of work (the cost to the union of the DPFS so far), the current benchmark for the rejection of papers at Council.

Perhaps it would be prudent to constitutionally mandate the DPFS to produce the manual before the start of the year?

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Discussion about “Where is the Finance Manual?”

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1. Hack   
Oct 10 2007 10:46

Former finance manual available on the rcc website:

How long before Eugene is ordered to take it down I wander, the clock starts... now.

Oct 10 2007 10:56

Actually, the old one is still on the union website here.

Article corrected and author duly slapped.

Oct 10 2007 13:11

This is a bit of a strange article. Why would someone from within IC try to expose a Sabb as incompetent with no real reason apart from a slow production of the finance manual.

Seems like there is bitterness within the union seeing as there have been no other problems with the Sabb exposed.

Oct 10 2007 13:32

"The preceding DPFS, however, completed almost a whole rewrite of the finance manual and had it published by the end of August."

However, I believe this was then decribed by somebody who actually has professional experience of financial procedures as the biggest load of bulls**t they had ever read.

Plus it was probably the most patronising, badly written collection of bulls**t I have ever had the misfortune to read.

Oct 10 2007 13:35

While we are on the subject of incompetence, apparently Chris is still sorting out the mess that Jon Matthews made of the Centenary ball, and profits we thought we had are being swallowed up by expenses Matthews "forgot" to write on the Budget. It's unfair to use a quote that Chris made unofficially as a joke last year when there has not been a rewiew of the previous DPFS buffoon!

Oct 10 2007 13:35

Private IC is intended to be a bit of a mickey-taking column but with a serious message. You should take it with a sense of humour, but take note of when things are slipping...

The intention isn't to make Chris look incompetent, that was just a funny quote he posted in the discussion on the day he was elected.

Chris has had a very hard time as you can see from the various financial problems in previous articles, he's just getting a bit of stick for not delivering the manual before the start of term.

Oct 10 2007 13:51

So what was the big c**k up Matthews made with the Ball????!!!!11111oneoneoneone

8. Gibbs   
Oct 10 2007 13:55

I don't really think it's my place to say. The Ball was great, but go visit Chris if you want to know the financial issues!

Oct 10 2007 14:22


Sticking up for your boyfriend on live is so not cool!

Oct 10 2007 15:46

Why is it "so not cool?"

I hear a lot about what goes on at the Union finance-wise from Chris and therefore my opinion on the goings on is surely just as relevant as the opinion from, say, a bored student such as yourself who likes to post their opinion on the net because they have nothing better to do and no friends of their own to moan to.

I only stick up for people if I think they deserve it.

Posting anonymously is so not cool!

Oct 10 2007 16:35

Posting anonymously is so Live!.

And surely there must be some financial details that Union insiders must keep to themselves, if I had an equivalent job in a private company and blabbed all the company's financial details to a partner, I doubt I'd be working at that company for long if it were found out.

Oct 10 2007 16:45

Clearly sherliker is jealous of larvins success simply because C&G is a pile of wank! (again for the 2nd year in a row)

ps. You people p*** me off!!!!

Oct 10 2007 16:52

What's tristan got to do with it?

Oct 10 2007 16:55

To "he who knows all" - your statements are correct - well done. You must feel very pleased with yourself....

Everything that I have been told is public knowledge anyway, if you know where to look.

15. Hmmm   
Oct 10 2007 18:44

Can anyone guess what Kirsty was thinking in that photo, she doesn't look impressed... suggestions?

Oct 10 2007 20:19

Kirsty is thinking about trees. Fluffy trees

I would imagine, or at least hope, that most of the budget for the Summer ball is available online somewhere. Finances are transparent over there you know

Oct 10 2007 22:07

James you read my mind. I was indeed thinking about trees and how much better Council would be if it were electronic and we no longer had murdered trees stacked infront of us. See how I glare at my council papers.

Meanwhile I would like to install fluffy pink (fake plastic) trees in the quad to act as shelters for all those who do not wish to smoke but still like to sit outside in the rain enjoying a fluffier life. These trees would generate a self gratifying warmness in the heart of any individual choosing to sit beneath them negating the need for patio heaters. Watch out for a paper to the next exec.

18. Eugene   
Oct 10 2007 23:59

Thanks to Hack for the free publicity of the RCC web page - so good that two other CSCs have copied the template for themselves!

And yes, there IS a wealth of knowledge up there even if some of it is dated. Where else on a union web site could you find out all about Rope Safety Information?

19. Andy   
Oct 11 2007 00:54

I'm a little confused about the statement "...The preceding DPFS, however, completed almost a whole rewrite of the finance manual."

Having referred to my 2005-6 Finance Manual (which of course I have handy at all times) and compared it to last year's, I've counted a total of seven new paragraphs and one new section containing a few FAQs. I'm sure the effort of clicking the centre button and switching a few words round took lots of time and effort too, but I can't help thinking we're being given a somewhat biased view of things...

Oct 11 2007 13:45

"Keen club Chairs and Treasurers alike have been questioning members of staff in SAC as to the whereabouts of the finance manual."

Clearly they haven't been questioning the above two members of SAC staff who would have been able to direct them to the current online version at least. Seeing as the author originally stated the online copy had been removed it brings into question the depth of research done before submitting this article. Bias and bitterness as mentioned above seem to hit the nail on the head. But that's Live!

21. ffs   
Oct 11 2007 18:10

No one reads that damn thing anyway!! why the hell are people so worked up about a stupid book that no one cares about.

22. hmmm   
Oct 11 2007 22:07

Because everybody who signs the financial responsbility form is signing to say they have read and understood the finance manual as well as attending finance training... or that's what I was lead to believe?

23. Eugene   
Oct 12 2007 00:48

it might be an interesting read on the loo... although I don't belong to the lets-spend-20-minutes-a-day-reading-whilst-on-the-loo type.

People will read the manual if they care about doing their job properly and want to know how to carry out financial affairs in such a way that they won't get sued for the next seven years.

24. ffs   
Oct 12 2007 05:30

Well more than half of the club chairs/treasurers wouldn't have read it in previous years and if you guys are so anal about it all then you probably should freeze all clubs' budgets since no one would have read this year's finance manual.

25. hmmm   
Oct 12 2007 10:45

If the Dpfs did that it could be seen as hypocrytical, but it doesn't matter anyways because until the new one is written the old manual is still valid... and todays friday so the eagerly antispated manual will arrive!!!!

What happens to Chris if it doesn't?

26. Tris   
Oct 15 2007 09:43

So, has chris at last put the "fin" in "finance manual" ?

Oct 15 2007 09:48

I last heard that proof reading was being undertaken by a few members of CSB.

28. hmmm   
Oct 16 2007 09:39

So it's not ready then? So being ready by Friday was complete lie?

Now what?

Oct 16 2007 17:05

Actually it was ready and actually is being (or has been?) proof-read. Chill!

Oct 16 2007 17:07

(ps the need for two 'actually's in that last sentance is debatable)

31. Ant   
Oct 16 2007 20:12

Debatable is whether you can say something is ready and then say that it is being proofread.

Ready:"Prepared or available for service"

Proofread:"To read copy or proof for purposes of error detection and correction"

The latter dictates that the former is not applicable surely?

Oct 16 2007 21:57

Yeah fair point I agree. But C did his bit on time and it's out of his hands now. I don't care anyway, I'm not gonna read it.

Mar 15 2009 19:32

i am a studant

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