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What ever happened to fair play?

May 30 2001 15:51
The Imp
Is the whole of society going down the hill or just Imperial
Is your time worth so much?

I have had the pleasure of being at Imperial for four years and in less than one month I will leave and never darken their doorstep again. In all my time here I have had the pleasure of meeting about 3 really genuine, honest and morally upstanding members of the student body. Whilst I do not count myself in this 3, as I have a lot to live up to, I have the impression that the huge majority of student here only care about themselves.

I tried to analyse why there is such a small amount of humanity at college. What was it these three people had in common? Where was it they differed to everybody else. Why were there fewer people like this at Imperial? Sadly I can't answer these questions. If I could I would be a better person. What I did notice was these people would always stop what they were doing to talk to you, and listen to you. They would put other people first over and above what they were doing. They wouldn't take advantage of or use other people.

I challenge all the readers of this to think before doing anything. Will this affect other people positively or adversly? Every day could you do something for somebody else. Don't walk on by, but give up your time to help others.

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Discussion about “What ever happened to fair play?”

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May 30 2001 12:52

Someone's having a bad day...

May 30 2001 14:06

An argument that could well be applied to the recent furore with DoCSoc and C&GCU ;-)

Look at society and ask yourself the same question. How much humanity do you see there? This is one of the most depressing things about our country today; where did this idea of democracy go?

This attitude of caring only for oneself is apparently perpetuated by big businesses who are the people running this and other countries (in my opinion). They are out to make a buck; you can vertically file that business ethics draft right now.

Let's try and reverse the trend here at Imperial!

May 30 2001 20:47

It is interesting how the word humanity is used. It seems most humans have very little "humanity". Or, maybe that's just seeing the worst in people, not their true potential and depth of character.

In my experience most people in this country have plenty of "humanity", compassion and a sense of justice, and to an extent fair play. Or maybe I've just led a sheltered life, but then maybe not...

May 31 2001 21:24

I suppose this article does make a nice change.

Jun 01 2001 20:50

In my opinion, ignorance is what causes selfishness. Ignorance about other people's situations, about other people's reactions to events, about other people! A first step to becoming more "humane" I think is to seek to understand others more. From a practical perspective, what I'm saying is that you be more open minded, simply by suspending making your mind up until the last possible moment about how you wish to percieve that person (e.g. Say you see a refugee type person begging on the train don't just file them away as "another beggar", maybe look closely at what they're wearing, how they move, what they say, etc.) U might surprise yourself with what you start to see. And it will definitely change how you react to them, possibly for the better, but definitely with a greater degree of humanity, as your are less able to just dismiss them from your mind. This is just my opinion.

But a word of caution: Obviously not everyone deserves to be trusted. In the words of Edward de Bono "Be open minded, but not so open minded your brain falls out"


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