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Where's Tristan?

Apr 25 2008 00:05
Nicholas Echalaz
As the end of the Easter holidays approaches with no sign of the Guilds President since his no-confidence, Guildsmen are asking "Where's Tristan?"
Can you spot him?

At the end of last term, CGCU President (for now, at least) Tristan Sherliker, was censured by Council and had a no confidence against him at CGCU Exec, which he narrowly survived.

He stated in the meeting that he would be better, that the motion was a wake-up call, and that after two weeks he would be fully back on board, citing that he had a lots of work to complete. At the time he was challenged for his neglect of Guilds, whilst throwing his effort into IC String Ensemble which he also chairs. Sherliker gave assurances that he had cut down on his other activities and would give the 5,000 Engineering students he represents his full dedication - with no other extra-curricular activities, Guilds was the only thing left.

Sad isn't it.

Shortly after this, he went away with ICSO to a national competition (which they won) and has not been seen all Easter. Residents of the Guilds office have been maintaining a tally of the days since he was last in, which at the time of writing stands at 33 days. The presidential inbox has apparently not been checked by Tristan since at least February, possibly longer, while Honorary Secretary Edward Judge and knackered Guilds hack Ashley Brown have been responding to anything urgent.

With elections coming up at the start of the term, Tristan was due to learn how the new elections system works - a member of staff is no longer required to run an election, as the returning officer can do it themselves. Unfortunately he failed to turn up and has been removed as returning officer by the ICU President, once again casting Guilds elections into doubt.

At the start of term, the ICU Court will determine if Tristan's no-confidence was chaired correctly, with the possibility that they may ask it to be re-run. A further possibility is that they conclude it was properly run, but that the chairs ruling (that the no-confidence failed) was incorrect, removing Tristan immediately.

The question in Guilds remains - where's Tristan?

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Discussion about “Where's Tristan?”

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Apr 25 2008 00:29

Just to clarify, at the moment we are proceding with the elections as planned. An email will be sent out tomorrow (Friday) listing the positions open to students and from early next week there will be additional publicity reminding people that nominations are open and the general timetable.

With regards to the returning officer we are working on replacements and will be finialising who takes over during the weekend.

If anyone has any general questions regarding the elections for the time being please email me (ej105) and I will help where I can.

Apr 25 2008 08:25

Is Tristan actually in that photo? I can't find him.

Apr 25 2008 09:30

To whoever wrote this article: The tally reads 33 not 28.

Apr 25 2008 09:42

How were you so naive to believe what he told you at the meeting. The man (if you can call him that) is full of lies. I think he enjoys making all your lives hard.

Don't look to court to get rid of him. look to me, I'll have him hit for you, I know this great hitter, it'll cost you next to nothing (whats CGCU Exec Budget like?) hahahahahaha

5. JJ   
Apr 25 2008 09:52

I'm pretty sure Tristan isn't in the photo (that's the point).

Why does this article not surprise me?

Will Court determine if abstensions count?

Apr 25 2008 11:11

"knackered Guilds hack Ashley Brown"

very fitting indeed

Apr 25 2008 11:22

You just wait until you see what Live! writes about you next year.... ;)

Apr 25 2008 11:24


Should have voted for Holland

Apr 25 2008 12:49

Tristan doesn't chair ICSO, and as a member I feel slightly insulted at the suggestion we would have voted him as chairman. I mean, what type of organisation would do a silly thing like that?

Wait a second...

Apr 25 2008 12:54

ICSO didn't go away for the competition. Unless you count Sloane Square as a far away land...

Apr 25 2008 13:17

Well, he said he was going to be devoting himself to Guilds over Easter, as he'd given up all his other commitments. Then he was in Sloane Square for a day with ICSO. I think that is probably the point.

Apr 25 2008 14:17

Tristan is a lemonsucking w***er.

Enough said

Apr 25 2008 14:29

I think it may be better if people limit thier criticisms to Tristan's professional conduct rather than personal attributes, but then again, this is a live discussion board...

14. RON   
Apr 25 2008 16:00

Ed won't you be running for one of the positions? You really shouldn't be involved in running the elections if you will be standing in them...

Apr 25 2008 16:03

Ed isn't involved in running the elections.

The only person involved in running the elections in the RO.

Apr 25 2008 16:18

I'm not sure if I will be running but either way I'm not actually involved in running the elections. At the moment I am just making sure that information which is publicly available gets to whomever wants and needs it, thus making sure the elections actually happen. Once the nominations are open all questions and querys will have to directed to the RO.

Apr 25 2008 19:13

Where is his report for council?

Apr 25 2008 21:21

Tristan, write a report for council? Are you mad?

19. Dave   
Apr 28 2008 16:13

Going, Going, Gone!

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