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Another wasted opportunity??

Mar 05 2004 14:00
Thomas Tibbits
As the re-cladding of the BioChem building draws to a close, it seems like only aesthetics matter to the planners at the moment
Big and beautiful new borosilicate building or is it a car park?

Recently, the hoarding has come down, the accidentally shattered panes have been patched up, and the whole lot has had a good dose of silicone sealant. No I?m not talking about the new faculty building, it?s the new ?Life Sciences Centre? that?s almost finished.

Not that I?m slagging the result off. No, that would be unconstructive. In fact, even I think that it has improved the look of the building, particularly where the offices inside have been renovated. But all buildings, particularly University buildings, should be functional and well designed.

Upon reference to the Imperial College Environmental Management Policy we see that under section e, not only are improved facilities for cyclists to be implemented, but also minimisation of car parking facilities. So it seems to me from the photo above that both those policy pointers seem to have been ignored! At least 13 new parking spaces have been liberated from the merciless grip of cyclists, who continue having to search for any sort of railing to attach their free transport to. Goodness knows what the parking pressure will be like in Summer, when as many as double the number of students will cycle to College. We are, as was revealed on Live! last year, due to get 600 more spaces in the eastern end of campus next year, but out west racks still lack, despite protestations at all levels.

Now that the presidential election campaign has been so honourably fought and won, will we be seeing some more action from the incumbent, Mr. Arif, who has campaigned on a bike rack ticket, and now has all those glorious 18 months to get something done about it? Let?s hope so, as the season for dusting off that saddle and re-inflating those tyres is almost with us?.

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Discussion about “Another wasted opportunity??”

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Mar 05 2004 15:20

Your grammar is poor.

2. Ameet   
Mar 05 2004 15:52

to judy....

your analness is strong

Mar 05 2004 19:07

To Ameet,

Your manners are bad.

4. amram   
Mar 05 2004 21:50

Have to agree with ameet. way too many anal people on live!

However was a bit rude.

Mar 05 2004 21:52

wonder if we will ever see that 24hr Library??

Mar 07 2004 00:59

i think we probably wont see it for a long time

7. tom t   
Mar 07 2004 18:20

I'm chuffed that Judy could be bothered to tell me how rubbish my grammar is. At least she read the article! Anyway, it's a rant, not an essay. I look forward to reading your word-perfect articles Ms. Pearsall!

Mar 08 2004 16:28

As far as i'm aware the money was given to biochemistry with the condition that it could only be used on the exterior. The biochemists would have actually preferred to spend the money refurbishing labs but had no choice.

Mar 09 2004 03:39

To Ameet,

"your analness is strong"???

I think you might have made Judy's point for her.

Mar 09 2004 10:02

My understanding was that the Wolfson foundation donated a load of money to do up several floors of labs but would only pay out if some of it was used to make the building look better. The lab refurbishment and upgrade on the air-con/processing is still ongoing hence the scafolding round the back next to the Flowers building.

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