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CGCU elections results

Oct 13 2004 10:32
The Jackel
When I went to the CGCU AGM I never thought it?d be news-worthy
RON was elected CGCU HonSec

Today CGCU held its AGM which predictably had around 30 attendees despite quorum being set at 50. This was at least slightly better than last year. CGCU President John Collins told us how great CGCU is which was also rather predictable and then some people were elected which I assumed would be equally uninteresting. Nominations were only accepted from the floor, Matthew Ah-kan and Rhys Morgan stood for the position of Honorary Secretary, a position which involves taking minutes at CGCU exec meetings and ?the provision of office facilities? which is often interpreted as meaning hoovering. Mr Ah-kan and Mr Morgan both gave respectable speeches as to why they wanted to stand for the position and then Mr Collins briefly explained how Re-Open Nomination (RON) is a candidate for all positions and that RON may be voted for if it is thought that both candidates are not suitable. Both candidates left the room and amusingly Mr Ah-Kan received only 7 votes, Mr Morgan only 8 and RON received 11. Mr Ah-Kan's 7 votes were re-allocated but RON went on to win the election. Although both candidates where first years and therefore could be seen as inexperienced I don?t really understand why the meeting preferred to have no-one elected, but I do find it very funny.

Mr Ah-Kan went on to stand for the position of sports officer and was elected by a huge majority. Mr Morgan is reportedly following up the secretarial position which remains vacant. Martin Chong recently resigned from the post of Hon. Sec. due to commitments in other societies but had planned to continue until the post was filled. Mr Chong's only comment was, ?B*gger?.

After Sports Officer, the position of Regalia Officer was announced, at which point Henri Ozalovski left the room to the confusion of the Exec. Mr Ozalovski returned after about a minute and agreed to stand for the position. Mr Ozalovski?s speech, which repeatedly used a word which we will not be repeated on this website, put a lot of emphasis on the help he would require from people voting for him and later went on to suggest everyone present should purchase a CGCU hoodie (priced at £13.40 and available from the CGCU office). Mr Ozalovski was duly elected by a large majority.

The rest of the meeting proceeded uneventfully, with Cheryl Chung being nominated as RAG co-ordinator and various others volunteering there services for RAG , the internship centre, Lord mayors show and this prestigious media outlet.

A huge number of candidates have stood for ICU elections, with 28 Candidates for 16 Ordinary Members' seats on Council, 5 candidates for 4 places on Trading and Retail Committee and 7 candidates for 4 places on House Committee (but none for Services or Student Development Committee, or ULU Council). It is anticipated that the Electoral Council meeting at 12.00 today (Wednesday) will vote to elect these posts by secret ballot, to be carried out online tomorrow (Thursday) and Friday.

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Discussion about “CGCU elections results”

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Oct 13 2004 13:55

I didn't realise that I was still looking into the sec role, but there you go, and oh yeah, I'm a second year

Oct 13 2004 16:47

Sorry Rhys, I hadn't been taking notes as i didn't think anything interesting would happen.

Oct 13 2004 17:42

Sorry to be pedantic, but isn't it necessary for the AGM to be in the Summer Term? My knowledge of the Regs is getting a little rusty now, though. Perhaps this was simply a General Meeting?

Oct 13 2004 18:15

This was the Freshers' General Meeting- a General Meeting that takes place on an Annual basis, but strictly speaking not THE Annual General Meeting, that did indeed take place last term

5. cap   
Oct 13 2004 19:24

Now surely we should have had more than just a few hours notice before elections that included positions like Hon Sec?

Don't worry i'm not going to say i wanted to stand as i've seen Martin in the last few weeks...then again once he's finished the ball he doesn't really have much else to do...

Oct 14 2004 22:48

hmmm, i suddenly wonder if someone is emulating me


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