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Mega Raid madness

Mar 01 2002 13:26
Mustafa Arif
Belated, non-sensical ramblings on Rag Week's Central London excursion
Hmmm.... Not much else to say really.

Tiddlywinking down Oxford Street, last Wednesday, while looking like prick (i.e. in Guilds regalia) - I think that was the idea. Somehow it all went a little pear-shaped.

The day started off in a panic. My Vice-President, Nick Dalgiannakis had been emotionally overcome at his bike being stolen and failed to, umm..., sort out a team. After some frantic running around it appeared that the wonderful Helen Arney (Rag Chair) had already found two Guilds teams - and with just 30 mins to go, it was time to grab my silly hat and blazer and get down to Oxford Circus.

Unfortunately, Bo' wasn't feeling too well. So I ended up hitching a lift in Clementine (the RSM mascot). It turned out that RSMU were giving Rag the miss...

Arriving at Oxford Circus we found the RCSU dispersing towards Picadilly Circus, while Jezebel (the RCS fire engine) was heading towards New Oxford Street. Neither were going in the right direction for tiddlywinks - and we couldn't see any winkers either. No-one seemed to know what was going on. Suddenly the RCSU Hon Sec, Edward Piggot, appeared from knowhere complaining that Jez had gone off without him. He climbed onboard and was followed by a tiddlywinking team from Chem Eng who... er... didn't know what was happening with the tiddlywinks.

So, off we went trying to follow Jez, but somehow took a wrong turn and lost Jez, and ended up on Totenham Court Rd. At this point the Helen phoned to say that there had been an accident on Oxford Street and we should avoid. Some idiot came up with the idea of going to UCL - so we turned up at Gower Street.

"Raiding UCL" was a mixed-blessing. There were surprisingly few students around - and the few who were cringed when asked to spare some change for "Imperial Rag". But there was a public sector health managers conference going on, who grudglingly felt they had to stuff some £5 notes into our buckets. A fire alarm helped bring out all the staff, who then complained that we were exploting the situation (esp. as we did nothing to discouraged a rumour that we had started the fire alarm...). It was a pity Jez wasn't around.

Having drained UCL, we hobbled down to University of London Union. Again, very few students around - and all the sabbs were off skiving. (At some point we realised there was an NUS demo going on.) Nevertheless we did manage to get some change out of the staff and the "normal students" in the ULU bars.

We then decided to go down to SOAS and Senate House to collect more money. Unfortunately, they chucked us out... and by this time we had lost the winkers - and Clem. So, we ended up walking back to Beit Quad, via Oxford Street (collecting money at the bus stops - we hoped to find some tiddlywinkers but they had all finsihed). And during the final stretch through Hyde Park we got thoroughly fed up - possibly because it was sleeting...

Nevertheless it was a fun day. Apparently the London Mega-Raid raised around £3,700. As for the tiddlywinks, the Medics won (apparently).

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