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Hacked Off: President Bored by Spineless Council

Dec 07 2003 19:16
Hacked Off
In a recent email to its members, Union President Mustafa Arif declared Council to be both spineless, soft and boring.
BBC TV's Citizen Smith

Mr Arif exclaimed ?Frankly you guys have all been boring. You have to be the softest Council ever with seemingly very little spine when it comes holding Union Officers to account or proposing policy.? This of course begs the question of what precisely Mr Arif thinks Council should have held him and his fellow Sabbaticals to account over. Is a guilty conscience troubling our dear leader? Stress has been known to have caused Mr Arif to behave strangely in the past.

Alarmingly, the bored President ended his chastisement of council with a threat to create ?outrageous? joke policies unless he received some sort of direction from the lethargic Council, a threat Mr Arif has demonstrated in the past that he is quite willing to put into action .

However, leading socialist Colin Smith took great exception to the notion of joke motions, which Hacked Off found somewhat ironic given his last contribution. In an indignant response to Mr Arif?s Council Chastisement that bordered on a polemic, Citizen Smith demanded to know why, given the apparent shortfall of motions, his anti-Bush motion had not been considered. Rounding on Council, he also wanted to know why there had been no action on top-up fees, particularly in light of a recent letter by Sir Richard Sykes in the Times. This may have confused the ?honourable? (and esteemed) members who have, to the best of Hacked Off?s knowledge, been engaged on this issue to some degree.

However, it rapidly transpired that the source of Citizen Smith's anger was the lack of ICU backing for actual protests rather than lobbying and letter writing. Mr Smith continued ?At Imperial, with the Rector one of the chief supporters of top-up fees, it is our responsibility to take the fore-front of actively campaigning, as I believe various motions resolve to do, and not just to sit back and do nothing. At the lobby yesterday, people reasonably high-up in the NUS all openly stated that if we are to stop the implication of top-up fees we need drastic measures. By all means arrange lobbys of MPs as well, but the reps were talking about college occupations, walk-outs and another national demonstration next term, which needs to be huge.?

Watch out Mr Arif, when (if) the revolution comes, you?ll be first up against the wall!


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Discussion about “Hacked Off: President Bored by Spineless Council”

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Dec 08 2003 22:01

Can someone explain two things for me; who can bring papers before council, and what is the remit of these papers?

Could a non-council ICU member, for example, bring a paper whose aim was to accept responsibility, and require action to resolve the poor ents turnouts this year, as compared to previous years? (The general trend since my first year in 2001 has seemed to be downward)

It's somewhat worrying from a C&S point of view to read Mustafa's recent-ish Felix article, which states that the majority of the Union's budget comes from bars, etc. If these revenues are falling, presumably this means that clubs can expect further budget cuts for next year.

Dec 08 2003 22:50

Hmmm, i think a little background is needed. Shall we say sports teams (sorry to tar, but i cannot remember exactly which one) Bars not run by your beloved union, and "Worlds Most Predictably Bad Sponsorship Contract (tm)" ?

one might wonder if Mustafa is having an easy time, because he a) hasnt screwed up or b) has hidden it well, and of course c) hasnt from what I hear got a huge pool of people who are likely to question him in depth in a meeting.

bubble bubble....

3. Seb   
Dec 08 2003 23:03

I'm not an expert at the finances, but I *think* I'm right in saying that all the clubs money comes from the subvention from college.

Anyone can bring a paper to council, but with regard to the entertainments, I'm not sure what council can do as union ents are run by the ents manager who is a member of staff. Sounds more like something you would want to take to the executive committee.

Dec 08 2003 23:15

Cheers for the clarification.

Dec 09 2003 00:44

Any Full Member of the Union may propose or second a motion for Council. Motions require one proposer and at least one seconder and should be submitted to me via the .

The deadline for papers is normally about a week in advance. The deadline for the December Council is 13:00 on Tue 9 December - though there can be some flexibility via prior arrangement (if you give me a good enough excuse).

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