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A Statement from Chris Mullan

Sep 10 2008 17:18
Chris Mullan
King's President Chris Mullan responds to the allegations made against him, following an NUS investigation clearing him of making racist remarks.
Chris Mullan at Live!'s NUS debate

In a rather more subdued article than his normal contributions to Live!, Chris Mullan responds to allegations of racism made against him. This article is based on a statement made available on Facebook.

It is common knowledge that allegations have been made against me, which, due to procedural formalities, the NUS was compelled to investigate. Up until this point I have stayed silent in anticipation of the truth emerging from the NUS investigation, and under the advice of the CEO of KCLSU.

I expressed regret for any possible offence inadvertently caused
Chris Mullan

The NUS have sent me the results of their investigation, and from this point on I feel free to comment. The NUS have made clear that neither of the two complaints made against me have been upheld. It was also found that I had not intended to cause any offence, that I have co-operated fully with the NUS investigation, and that I expressed regret for any possible offence inadvertently caused. They have also noted that my question was not motivated by any racist agenda.

I would like to now make it clear what I was talking about. Since I am from London, and represent a London university, I could not have failed to miss the recent reported increase in knife attacks on young people over the summer. I have genuine concerns that at some point a King's student may get attacked. I felt it prudent to raise the issue of funding to protect those people who wanted to study, from those carrying guns and knives, at any university in the country.

The only people I referred to as undesirable on a campus were any persons who carried a gun or a knife
Chris Mullan

This was a discussion only about security on any campus, anywhere. The only people I referred to as undesirable on a campus were any persons who carried a gun or a knife.

I have never been aware of any police investigation, and in fact almost the entirety of the Daily Mail article that has been the focus of much of this, is wholly inaccurate, and I am currently taking legal advice in relation to the allegations made against me in the article.

almost the entirety of the Daily Mail article that has been the focus of much of this, is wholly inaccurate
Chris Mullan

In my three years' involvement within the student movement, I have interacted with several thousand students, been in numerous debates, meetings, and committees, and at no point has there ever been a suggestion or complaint of this manner. I understand and appreciate the great cause for concern generated by the article in the Daily Mail, however I firmly believe I have a duty to do the best for all students, and that means asking questions relating to their safety, which is in truth all that I have done.

I welcome any questions from anyone who is interested, or wishes to voice their opinion, who wishes to discuss the issue.

I am relieved that this ordeal is over, it has been a terrible and hard time for me, my family, and friends. Some interesting issues have come out of this, but I am glad the matter has been resolved. I am happy with the decision, I look to move forward and grow from this, putting all the negativity behind. Every experience is a learning experience, and I hope no other student has to go through what I have been through.

I'd like to say a big thank you to the very many people who have supported me throughout this difficult time.

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Discussion about “A Statement from Chris Mullan”

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Sep 10 2008 17:29

What a bizarre world we live in when the SWP marches to a tune set by the Daily Mail.

Sep 10 2008 17:30

Surely you mean the Daily Mail marches to a tune set by the Socialist Worker Party?

Sep 10 2008 17:31

I think it's probably a bit of both, but either way it's bizarre.

Sep 10 2008 18:29

has a f**king clue what either of you are talking about

5. er   
Sep 10 2008 20:28

Yes they do, clearly mr nobody you are in fact a nobody ;)

Either that or you're just slightly cooler than us..

Sep 10 2008 22:25

The Daily Mail, affectionately known as the 'Daily Nazi', due to its highly right-wing views ran a story which was essentially made up by the Socialist Worker Party, on the far loony left.


Sep 11 2008 01:48

It's not that surprising really. The far left have already got into bed with the far right of a certain religious persuasion. "Stop the War Coalition" - A coalition of the far left SWP and the far right Muslim Brotherhood.

Sep 11 2008 08:33

I'd be worried about the press archives most - especially if I was considereing a career in the public eye.

The Daily Wail can retract their 'story', but unless they retract the issue filed in the [independent] press archives it will come around again and again and again.

Or so I've heard.

Happy thought.

Sep 11 2008 11:00

If they repeat what is a retracted story then they render themselves liable to a defamation lawsuit.

Sep 11 2008 11:05

What precisely did you say Mr Mulllins? It seems perfectly acceptable to talk about the issue of public safety however your were accused linking the potential increase in the incidence of knife and gun crime with increasing numbers of African Carribean students attending University?

It would be helpful, I think for you to clarify the precise words you used in addition to as your helpful statement above. If I read the above correctly, you are saying that you did not mention any particular racial group in relation to possible threats to the safety of students.

What is it you said specifically that led you to ? expressed regret for any possible offence inadvertently caused?

Sep 11 2008 11:31

I second the above comment from Lee Jasper. Nothing is really clear as to what was said.

12. Hazel   
Sep 11 2008 11:43

This is absolutely outrageous, people HEARD him say those things. Charge him.

Sep 11 2008 11:47

Charge him with *what*? Even if he did say "those things", there's certainly nothing illegal there. Maybe we should burn him as a witch?

There are also people who HEARD him NOT say those things. So someone's hearing is faulty.

Sep 11 2008 11:47

You deserve no support, no empathy and certainly no allowance in this matter. I physically heard you say these things, and have repeatdely at NUS events heard you making outrageous marks. Although you may have escaped police charges, you know that within your heart you said those things. You should be charged and sent to prison. At least I have the cosolation your life isn't going to be the same.

Sep 11 2008 12:02

Just a note to people at Sheffield. Although you post anonymously, we can still see when you're posting from the same computer as different names.

Sep 11 2008 12:20

Fair enough, delete the comment if you feel it to be inappropriate.

17. Editor   
Sep 11 2008 12:52

Live! is not in the business of deleting comments because of differences of opinion. However if you try to legitimise your comments by posting under numerous different names we will let our readership know.

Live! operates a strict freedom of speech policy.

Sep 11 2008 16:09


Sep 11 2008 17:02

Can we have clarity and what he is alleged to have said and what he says he said.

Sep 11 2008 17:40

If what Chris says is true, and I have no reason to doubt it, then the Black Students Campaign Officer should at the very least apologise for getting it so wrong.

What Chris says above is an entirely sensible observation and something we should be at least considering.

Sep 11 2008 17:48

or am i bluffing?

anyway, it would be nice to know the exact words so that we can judge for ourselves if they were offensive or not

Sep 11 2008 18:27

Has anyone got a recording of the speech? If not then chances are no one actually knows what his exact words were. We all have a tendency to rewrite our memories after the event and those who "heard" him say bad things will remember that and those who did not "hear" anything wrong will not remember anything wrong being said.

Quick question, though. Did anyone at the time of the speech make a fuss or leave or complain or anything? From what I've read all the fuss was made after the event not at the time of the actual incident. Makes me think that the whole thing is either a deliberate nonsense or someone misremembering what happened.

23. Anon   
Sep 12 2008 11:29

It looks more like wilful misinterpretation given who the accused are.

Sep 14 2008 14:42

Several black participants showed their immediate disgust at the comment by walking out of the room.

Another person in the room was so sure that Chris was referring to black people that he held up a sign saying "Bring back slavery"

Sep 14 2008 15:26

Why did they walk out of the room rather than challenge him to explain himself? Then they might have learnt what he actually said and meant rather than what they ASSUMED he meant.

The Bring Back Slavery sign was unrelated wasn't it? They've reported separately until now.

Sep 15 2008 19:47

"Live! operates a strict freedom of speech policy."

Interesting contrast with our current thought-crime-happy Lefties. Whatever happened to the liberal left?

"I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it."

Sep 16 2008 01:03

They were intelligent and therefore considered unsuitable for student politics.

Sep 20 2008 11:38

I wish that certain high-ups in the NUS Black Students' Campaign would stop ganging up on individuals and start uniting to legitimately campaign against racism.

Where were they today in Stoke-on-Trent when hundreds of other NUS affiliates were fighting the BNP?

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