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Interhall League reaches dramatic conclusion.

Jan 31 2005 22:13
Barry Edmonstone
Selkirk Tizard are yet to lose a game, but if results go against them they could still be beaten to the title.
Only one team can finish on top! Place your bets now.

As the league stage of the Interhall football competition comes to a close, the final week of the season has thrown up some cracking fixtures. Nine teams will be going into Sunday?s games hoping that results go their way and their season will continue to bring glory.

At the top of the table, Clayponds meet Selkirk Tizard to decide the destination of the league title. SET only need a point, but a defeat in this match will open the door to both Clayponds and Wilson House. Wilson themselves have a difficult tie against Bernard Sunley & Willis Jackson. Both of these teams need a final push to ensure that they finish in the top seeds for the forthcoming knockout stage of the championship. A slip up by either could spell disaster and a premature end to a season full of potential. Clayponds could also be drawn into this battle for a top seeding if they lose heavily to SET and Bernard Sunley take points in their match.

The team who will benefit most from any slip ups in the top four is Falmouth Keogh. Currently in fifth they still have to play Pembridge and meet Selkirk Tizard next weekend in a rearranged fixture that could be make or break for both sides. FK need to finish in the top four to avoid a difficult away tie in the quarter-final of the knockout stage.

If that wasn?t enough, Fisher play Beit in a match that will see the end of the season for one of these hard-battling sides. These placings could also be thrown into chaos if Garden & Weeks manage to pull off a surprise victory against Southwell. Garden & Weeks, who are already out of the extended competition, only have pride to play for in this game and are unlikely to go down without a fight.

All in all, SET look likely to record their first Interhall trophy, but few people are likely to be prepared to bet on it just yet. Less simple to work out is who will finish in the top four, a must for any team looking to go all the way this season.

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