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Great Term For Inter-Hall Football

Jan 04 2002 14:48
Barry Edmonstone
A tremendous first term success for the inter-hall football tournament
Beit Hall back in top football form after refurbishment

The inter-halls football league has had its usual success again this term. 18 teams have entered this year competition starting with the league section. So far forty-seven games have been played and none of the inter-hall rivalry has been lost from the knockout stages at the end of last year.

All eyes were on Clayponds starting as favorites to retain both their league and cup crowns. However, with a depleted Clayponds team this year others had pushed Linstead and the normally strong Garden & Weeks combined team into the running to win either competition.

With the first terms action listed below the league has started off much like the premiership with very little between the top teams so far. The main results of note so far have been the wins for Wilson house against both Clayponds and more recently Linstead. Wilson who have propped up the league for the last two seasons have definitely had a change of form this year and now find themselves fourth in the table after the first terms action.

The full league table will shortly be available online as C&G’s LIVE publication adds to its extensive coverage of events around Imperial. For those interested in inter-hall football there will be regular updates for the whole of the second term with the cup competition in the summer term.

With games starting on the third week of term the results so far have been,

Week A results:

  • BSH 0-9 Gar/Weeks
  • Brabazon 2-8 Pembridge
  • Wilson 1-3 Union A
  • Beit 5-0 More
  • Linstead 5-0 Southwell
  • Clayponds 5-3 FK
  • Fisher P-P Montpelier
  • Holbein 0-13 Union B
  • Selk/Tizard P-P Nutford

Week B results:

  • BSH 4-5 Pembridge
  • Nutford 9-2 Gar/Weeks
  • Brabazon P-P ICUnited (Union A)
  • Wilson 5-1 Beit
  • More P-P Linstead
  • Clayponds 5-2 Southwell
  • FK 8-0 Fisher
  • Holbein 2-8 Montpelier
  • Union B 0-3 Selk/Tizard

Week C results:

  • BSH P-P ICUnited
  • Pembridge 1-3 Gar/Weeks
  • Nutford 1-1 Union Bar (B team)
  • Brabazon 4-3 Beit
  • Wilson P-P Linstead
  • More 1-10 Clayponds
  • Southwell 7-2 Fisher
  • FK 4-4 Holbein
  • Montpelier 0-6 Selk/Tizard

Week D results:

  • BSH 1-7 Beit
  • ICUnited 1-2 Gar/Weeks
  • Nutford 1-2 Pembridge
  • Linstead 4-1 Brabazon
  • Wilson 6-1 Clayponds
  • More 0-3 Fisher
  • Southwell 2-3 Holbein
  • FK 4-2 Selk/Tizard
  • Union Bar (B team) 6-0 Montpelier

Week E results:

  • BSH 0w1 Linstead
  • Beit 2-3 Garden/Weeks
  • ICUnited 2-1 Pembridge
  • Nutford P-P Montpelier
  • Brabazon 1-6 Clayponds
  • Wilson 5-1 Fisher
  • More 0-5 Holbein
  • Southwell P-P Selkirk/Tizard
  • FK 1-2 Union B

Week F results:

  • BSH P-P Clayponds
  • Linstead 2-3 Gardens/Weeks
  • Beit 3-2 Pembridge
  • Nutford P-P ICUnited
  • Brabazon P-P Fisher
  • Holbein 1-0 Wilson
  • SET 1w0 More
  • Union B P-P Southwell
  • Montpelier 2-2 FK

Replayed fixtures:

  • BSH 0w1 ICUnited
  • BSH 0w1 Clayponds
  • Fisher 0w1 Brabazon
  • Linstead 1-2 Wilson
  • SET 0-1 Nutford

This leaves only seven fixtures unplayed from the first term and these can be replayed at the end of the spring term. The tournament kicks off again on Sunday 13th January.

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Discussion about “Great Term For Inter-Hall Football”

The comments below are unmoderated submissions by Live! readers. The Editor accepts no liability for their content, nor for any offence caused by them. Any complaints should be directed to the Editor.
Mar 05 2002 12:11

How about updating ths page? It's been the same for ages and the end of the league season is coming...

There are only 3 or 4 crucial games left.

Mar 10 2002 03:50

Mark, fermez ta bouche! This is clearly an article, like in a magazine or something.... It is describing last terms football and happens to contain last terms results. How can they update it? What they should do is create a seperate results page....

Mar 10 2002 09:33

As they have done.

Go to or click the Sport link st the top of the page.

Mar 11 2002 23:50

I still see no results page, only a table. Is it me, or have i got some mark rolland style misunderstanding problem

Mar 12 2002 01:12

No Timbo (if that is your real name), I see no results either, and i am certainly not cursed with the french misconception syndrome. Unless, perhaps, this Adrian (if he is who he says he is) has superman style xray vision allowing him to see the apparently invisible results page....beyond the table.

Mar 12 2002 01:38

Why would anyone else want to claim to be me?

At least I always use a real email address, even on my anonymous postings!

It's true that the page in question only gives a league table, but at least it is very up-to-date and tells you the overall standing in the competition, which is surely the important thing, isn't it?

Mar 12 2002 17:01

"Why would anyone else want to claim to be me?"

Don't ask questions you don't want to hear the answers to! :)

Mar 12 2002 17:59

Yeah... the results table is supposed to be updated regularly (and as far as I know, it is).

As for regular match reports, well that's down to someone actually wanting to write one. If you fancy doing some, why not send us an email?

Mar 13 2002 12:31

well it was only a suggestion... at least some kind of debate sprang forth from it

Mar 21 2002 17:18


Is it ture clayponds will be thrown out of the league this year for violent conduct. I heard one of their players broke someones jaw.

Mar 21 2002 17:24

Sore losers me thinks.

Mar 24 2002 18:32

Hi guys,

I've seen many matches in my day, and many a good player, but i would like to underline the superb style, strength and smooth technique Linstead Hall's french striker provides (I believe his name is Mark).

Congratulations to him.

13. Neil   
Mar 28 2002 00:06

Barry - are you too busy to marshall the boys of Bernard Sunley? bottom of the league is very poor indeedio. tut tut.

Apr 01 2002 10:13

I didn't know that this discussion was going on.

To clear things up, the results are sent to each team captain at the start of every week. From there it is up to each captain to distribute the scores to their team or as they see fit. As the captains are mostly Reaps this normally isn't a problem.

I didn't think anyone would be interested in the results so i have just put the table and the knock out stages on line.

Would people like to see the results every week?

The Clayponds incident is not for discussion here. They will not be removed from the league, but appropriate action will and has been taken by me.

As for next term the important things are finishing the last set of league matches and seeing who wins the cup.

Apr 01 2002 10:19

We have a very 'special' team this year full of talent and skill, pity none of it is related to football.

From what i have seen our walkovers are recorded every week when the league table is updated.

Apr 01 2002 10:36

Maybe not every week - but it would be good to have a match by match breakdown every fortnight.

17. Joe   
Apr 01 2002 13:18

More results! It's all very well to see the table updated but we need to have documented evidence of which teams smashed which!

Apr 01 2002 15:30

There we go, pages have been updated, results, plus the knock out stages and the league table.

Anything else that would be useful on the interhall football site?

Apr 01 2002 16:07


Apr 02 2002 02:40

I think it needs a compliment and a thank that the league table was updated every week (even without results ... but that has been changed now!).

I'm looking forward to the big final!! :-)

Apr 26 2002 14:39

i think clayponds should be given extra points for their superb response to the Union's idiotic behaviour (they are a bunch of idiots anyway !) oh and maybe in the replay can u guys(clayponds) break a few more bones ? about time, a decent rivalry is stemmed from our league.

Apr 29 2002 16:06


For the first time in inter-football history some team apart from clayponds has won the league. Congratulations to Wilson House. For the rest of you, see you in the knockout stages !

PS- can someone tell clayponds what KNOCKOUT stages actually means??!!

May 02 2002 19:43

just wanted to say its been a pleasure being part of such a brilliant squad here at wilson house.its been a sensational season!See the rest of u at the knockout stages!!!CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

24. Yemi   
May 11 2002 14:31

Linstead Rule! The rest of u are monkeys. We will win the cup. Jah! Jah! You will eat it on Sunday Union A! Jah!

25. Timmy   
May 11 2002 21:12

Yay-up the Linstead boys (well not literally anyway)

May 11 2002 21:14

Wilson house - u were well jammy to beat us (Linstead). You're a team full of divers and we are gonna thrash you in the cup.

May 11 2002 21:15

Watch it Wilson. The razor (that's me by the way) is out to get any of your flaboyant (or otherwise) strikers

28. Timmy   
May 11 2002 21:18

I am a monster. I will eat u all. And i love the cock!

May 11 2002 21:21

I think sore loser was right - we are a team full of divers and didnt deserve to win the league. Linstead are the best team.

PS - We all love the cock!

30. Andy   
May 12 2002 16:22

Big it up to all the Linstead Boys for making it to the semi-finals.The cup is surely ours. We rule!

May 13 2002 11:28

Yes Sven, you are indeed right about Linstead's young Frenchman going by the name of Mark. Another superb performance by him against Union A yesterday deserved goals. On a more general note: all of the Linstead lads performed well and did us proud.

May 15 2002 15:14

Yay, Clayponds again will face the wrath of Linstead. I'm not GAY by the way - (VAGINA!!)

May 17 2002 15:21

Linstead rule all!!!!!!!!!

Although I would like to suggest that they shoulde be supplied with free bannanas as an incentive to play in the semi's

I also hear they've signed ronaldo and trezeguet

May 17 2002 15:30

Look at the players we've got :

yeah man, check that website out hahaha

we can't lose now!

May 17 2002 15:33

wow what a great guy with a great name I which that was my name

May 18 2002 04:51

Sorry to disappoint you sven and tord but it appears that the young frenchman you speak of has been abusing some naughty substances. This is unfortunate as it turns him into a cock and allows him to repeatedly kick doors and there is absolutely NOTHING anyone (including any goal keepers approximately 1.5 times his size) can do about it.

May 21 2002 16:49

yes i played for clayponds on sunday and i think we desrved to lose cuz linstead were far better than us. also our no.19 and no.20 are gay and i don't like homosexuals in football. chow 4 now

38. Bob   
May 21 2002 16:58

Linstead are the best.

They should have won everything, EVER!!!!!!!!!!

May 22 2002 16:23

1-0 to clayponds, linstead sucked, roll on da final.

No gay players here only winners.

May 23 2002 09:44

Well, well.......Linstead have been knocked out of the cup by the Mighty Claypond's Army yet again..........

I sense a deep sense of sore and bitterness amongst the posts here obviously written by the Linstead boys............Damn we love pooping the Linstead Party machine!!!!!! You guys were lucky and the scoreline flattered can football actually be played in such appalling conditions.......

Cup Final here we come!!!!!!!

41. Neil   
Jun 02 2002 13:20

oi - stop spamming... apart from about french mark. :-)

Closed This discussion is closed.

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