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C&G Football Tournament Takes Shape

Jan 04 2002 15:34
Barry Edmonstone
Despite initial problems the long awaited C&G football tournament has begun.
It's a football league. It's a football.

The long awaited champions league of City and Guilds departments has had a good start this season. After extensive confusion about the style and setup of the league the important aim of getting football played has taken place. City and Guilds departmental teams are now playing it out to determine the most physically active department.

The tournament, to be mostly played in the spring term, has been designed with two groups feeding into a knockout cup competition. With five games already played in each group the competition is starting to come to life after its slow beginnings. The main competition seems to be coming from DOC who have entered five different teams into the competition.

High scoring matches seem to be the norm, with one particular group B match between DoC 3 and DoC 5 generating a particularly ridiculous score. Alexandros Skaliotis, Captain of DoC 3, said “DoC 3 took the match in hand from the beginning and didn’t give any chance to DoC 5.”

Results from last term’s matches are shown below.

Group A results:

  • DoC1 2-3 DoC2
  • DoC2 3-2 EEE
  • EEE 3-8 Lesta
  • DoC1 6-4 Mech Eng
  • Lesta P-P Maths

Group B results:

  • DoC3 20-4 DoC5
  • Civ Eng 1-0 Chem Eng
  • Civ Eng 1-0 ISE
  • ISE 0-1 DoC4
  • ISE 0-1 Chem Eng

Next term should see the tournament further developing and Live! will naturally be providing the very best coverage.

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Discussion about “C&G Football Tournament Takes Shape”

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Jan 08 2002 02:06

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She's married to the muffin man,

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2. Atul   
Jan 08 2002 11:14

Whoever has the results ought to put up the fixtures and results up on the office door and publish them in felix as a sports report or something so that students know that the tournament has started.

Jan 08 2002 11:28

Felix! We think not... But rest assured, the C&G Media Group is on the case........

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