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DoC 4 & 5 smashed in C&G Football

Jan 21 2002 15:23
Oliver Pell
Two Department of Computing teams were destroyed in last week's C&G Football matches.
The C&G Football Tournament is still suffering from some confusion.

Last week saw a confusing mix of matches for the C&G Football tournament, kicking off for a new term. Several matches were postponed or dropped after a number of problems arose, particularly with the ever-confused department of Mechanical Engineering. After struggling to have 2 extra Mech Eng teams added to the tournament last term, two matches involving Mech Eng teams were abandoned or postponed. A match between Lesta and Electrical and Electronic Engineering was also postponed at the request of EEE.

“It was going to be pretty tough to find our opposing team,” said a member of the Materials team (supposed to be facing Mech Eng 2 in a battle of wits and cunning). “We looked behind the trees, under the bushes but to no avail!” The continuing problems with Mechanical Engineering may be partly responsible for tournament organiser Sumeet Bhalla’s declaration today that “from now on no more teams will be added to the tournament, and no teams will be removed. I have altered the fixtures one last time just now, hence what you read now is final!”

In the two matches which definitely did take place, the far too enthusiastic legions of the Department of Computing took a serious beating. Civ Eng put 7 goals past DoC 5’s defence before the end of the first half and then finished by sending a further 9 goals through the goal to end the match 16-0. In an all-Computing match of DoC 3 vs DoC 4, DoC 3 dominated the match from the beginning ending the match 21-0.

This week’s full results are shown below:

  • EEE P-P Maths
  • Lesta L-W Mech Eng (Lesta conceded)
  • Civ Eng 16-0 DoC5
  • DoC3 21-0 DoC4
  • Mech 2 NS-W Materials

The current state of the league table can be seen here.

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Discussion about “DoC 4 & 5 smashed in C&G Football”

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Jan 21 2002 18:32

I thought we were playing football not cricket? Maybe I am wrong.

Jan 21 2002 21:04

Er, maybe you are, but I'm not sure why you might think that....

Jan 21 2002 23:58

Who knows, who cares?

Jan 23 2002 19:47

This is a saying sometimes uttered when a football (or similar) match has been clearly a one-sided affair. The high scores, as seen in the article, are more commonly seen on a cricket scoreboard rather than a football results table. Just a bit of fun :-)

Jan 24 2002 07:27


Jan 24 2002 08:54

I think the winners of this tournament should play the C&G Exec 1st (and last) XI for RAG. With scores like these, how much should they pay per goal conceded?

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