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DoC dominates C&G Football

Feb 06 2002 13:33
Oliver Pell
Department of Computing teams hold the top spots in groups 1 and 2, but other teams are closing in.
EEE smashed DoC 1 into the ground in the latest round of the C&G Football Tournament.

The latest rounds of matches in the C&G Inter-departmental football tournament has seen Department of Computing teams (perhaps simply by wait of numbers) continue to dominate the top spots. In group one DoC 2 leads with EEE and DoC 1 sharing second place while DoC 3 and 5 hold the first and second places in group 2.

Last week’s most significant stand-off saw the team from Electrical and Electronic Engineering take on DoC 1, in “an enthralling exhibition of football” (according to Ronald Ng, EEE team captain). The usual EEE/DoC rivalry played itself out on the pitch with an EEE hat-trick securing a 3-0 lead to EEE by half time. “The second half was dominated by DoC and they had many chances and pulled a good goal back,” said Mr Ng, “however 3 more goals including a 'Nayim' secured a 6-1 victory.” The match apparently ended when a policeman on a bicycle rode on to the pitch to tell the teams to leave because too many spectators were causing a fire hazard!

The full results for the last two weeks of matches are shown below:

Wednesday 23rd:

  • DoC1 14-5 Maths
  • DoC5 W-NS ISE
  • EEE W-C Mech Eng 1
  • DoC6 NS-W Materials

Wednesday 30th:

  • DoC2 W-C Mech Eng 1
  • Process Systems 10-5 DoC7
  • EEE 6-1 DoC1
  • DoC3 9-6 Civ Eng

The latest league table can be seen on Live! Sport.

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Discussion about “DoC dominates C&G Football”

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Feb 18 2002 15:57

What about the next two weeks? What happened?

Feb 21 2002 10:42

There's not much to comment about, but the league table has been updated.

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