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C&G Football Reaches Knock-Out Stage

Feb 25 2002 11:03
Oliver Pell
2 Teams have been selected from each group to go forward to the Quarter Finals.
It's a football. Find me a better picture!

After a term of matches in the C&G Football Tournament 8 teams now go forward to the final knock-out stage. Despite the Department of Computing dominating much of the early competition only two DoC teams have made it through to the quarter finals – from an initial total of 8. Two Mechanical Engineering teams also go forward.

The final rounds of the competition will be played over the next three weeks with quarter final matches taking place before next Sunday.

From Group A, LESTA and DoC 2 go forward. In Group B, DoC 3 and Civ Eng go forward. In Group C, with all points and goal scores equal Materials and Mech Eng 2 have been randomly selected to go forward. In Group D Mech Eng 3 and Process Systems go forward (with their selection based on goal scores).

In the quarter finals the following matches will be played:

  • LESTA v Civ Eng
  • Process Systems v DoC 2
  • Materials v Mech Eng 3
  • Mech Eng 2 v DoC 3

The final league table results are available on Live! Sport.

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Discussion about “C&G Football Reaches Knock-Out Stage”

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Feb 25 2002 19:48

Och Aye, we're only our strip clashed with the grey skies in Hyde park which meant that me players couda-nay make each other out. Our horoscopes predicted dooom as well, Posh said to Becks that Mars was in Uranus...which made him cry. An old woman came and shot one of our players...but I'm not complaining to UEFA...bastards...we'll be back next year...

Feb 28 2002 00:49

Why don't you have the play-off results?

Feb 28 2002 12:01

What play-off results?

Feb 28 2002 17:35

DOC3 - Mech Eng2:

17 - 0

What were the scores in the other 3 games?

BTW, excellent website. Very good articles.

Feb 28 2002 20:07

The knock-out 'grid' is kept fully updated with the latest results (currently only two of the quarter final matches have been played) at

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