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DoC 3 Triumph in C&G Football

Mar 21 2002 10:56
Oliver Pell
DoC 3 claim the Inter-departmental football crown in an all-computing final.
Once again it's just a football. Someone get me some better pictures!

The past month has seen the C&G Football Tournament enter it’s knock-out stage, with the 8 best teams in the competition battling it out one by one to reach the coveted position of – well – winner, I suppose. After several disputes over match results were settled, 3 DoC teams, Mech Eng 3, LESTA, Civ Eng, Process Systems and Materials were left to fight it out in the quarter finals.

In the quarter finals, Civ Eng beat LESTA, DoC 2 beat Process Systems, Mech Eng 3 beat Materials and DoC 3 beat DoC 6 leaving LESTA, DoC 2, Mech Eng 3 and DoC 3 in the semi-finals.

DoC 2 to beat off competition from LESTA and DoC 3 beat Mech Eng 3 to make an all-computing final. “Both teams played very well but DoC 3 was much better,” said Alexandros Skaliotis, DoC 3 captain. “[Although] DoC 2 played well in the midfield [the] attackers couldn’t do much against DoC 3’s excellent defenders.” DoC 3 won the match 5-1 to take the trophy.

The full results for the tournament are available here. If you are interested in organising next year’s C&G Football tournament please contact the Departmental Societies Officer .

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