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League ends on a high

Apr 30 2002 15:37
Barry Edmonstone
Wilson house win the interhall league for the first time.
This is a football, much like that used every sunday.

Wilson house have managed to win this year's interhall football league. The league has been a hard fought affair with the top five teams locked together throughout the season. However, a 2-1 victory on Sunday for Wilson secured them the title of League Champions.

This has been a surprise to many as Wilson House, Paddington, have been the whipping boys of the league for the past two seasons. The team this year has however been in splendid form winning fourteen of their seventeen league matches.

Wilson team captain, Rizwan Sheikh said he was "happy that we are the champions".

The Wilson victory has raised many questions about the form of other teams in the competition. Clayponds, League and Cup winners 2000, have been particularily disappointing this year.

On a more positive note, Linstead, the nearly team of this competition, have finished second making this their best every performance as well.

Interhall football is not finished, but only getting started. The top eight league finishers will now break away to play in a knockout competition to determine the overall winners. The draw for the knockout stages will be made on Live! next week.

The final of the Knockout Stages will be held at Gunnersbury Park, Clayponds, on Sunday the 2nd June, 3pm KO. All Welcome!!

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Discussion about “League ends on a high”

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Apr 30 2002 17:59

Well done Willy House! Finally a worthy team.

Apr 30 2002 21:28

Why hasn't the knock-out table on the Sport pages been updated?

Apr 30 2002 21:58

To concerned party,

The league table was updated today with the results from sunday.

As you may notice five games of football still need to be played.

The knockout competition is drawn at random with the top four teams as the home sides and the next four teams as the away sides.

So, how do you expect me to draw a competition when the seedings have still not been decided?

Or do you have a crystal ball to tell me what the results from next sunday will be!!!

May 01 2002 10:23


For the first time in inter-football history some team apart from clayponds has won the league. Congratulations to Wilson House. For the rest of you, see you in the knockout stages !

PS- can someone tell clayponds what KNOCKOUT stages actually means??!!

May 11 2002 14:18

Well done to all the Linstead Boys! Now let's finish on a high by winning the cup. We can do it!

May 12 2002 18:26

Yeah, well in andy (that's been heard before) lets hear some respect for the 2nd place team aswell - and maybe we can turn all that team spirit into some silverware (excuse the cliches)

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