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ISE vs EEE in a True Battle for Honor

Nov 25 2004 15:16
Walter Plinge
The 5-a-side footy match of the year.
People posing for a photo.

It was a cold and windy afternoon in Hyde Park as the Titans of ISE met the nuevo-strong EEE. This is an annual clash between the two heavy-weights of Imperial College, where they battle for the bragging rights for the year. The football competition generally takes place over an afternoon and is a hotly contested event. And this year was no different, with 6 teams taking part, ranging from 1st years to MSc. students, we were set for an exciting afternoon.

The games started with the customary walk from the EE Department to the holy land of Hyde Park, where we walked through the Materials Department and past the Royal Albert Hall. Once the pitch was decided and rules explained, which took a while, cause the ISE students have trouble with 'real' things, the matches were agreed to be 30-minutes, with 15-minutes per half and included all the general rules of Park football.

The first round of matches resulted in victories for the 2nd and 3rd year ISE teams and the 3rd year EEE team who were dressed all in orange. With some dodgy goals and lack of studs; pain and anguish was evident. The next round produced some more explosive football, with the 'Orange' team from EEE trouncing their opponents the ISE 2s, 2-0 and reaching the final, where in the cover of darkness they successfully routed ISE3 and its students 6-0 to comprehensively regain the cup.

In all, it was a sporty afternoon, reminiscent of many a 'games' afternoon at school: where the cold and wet, met the weak and sweaty students. But the success of sportsmanship and the brethren of EE coming together to celebrate the beautiful game was worth every tear shed and the blood spilt.

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Discussion about “ISE vs EEE in a True Battle for Honor”

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1. sid   
Nov 25 2004 15:44

I think, the winning team dressed all in orange, should have been disqualified on the basis of being 'professionals' in a game for 'amateurs'. I say this on the basis that they had a kit, and studs.

2. She   
Nov 25 2004 16:12

<perks up> Studs? At IC? Where??!!!!!

Nov 25 2004 16:26

I can see atleast one, on the far right, in the Real Madrid shirt.

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