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Rugby Boys Thrashed by Netball Girls

Nov 24 2007 23:06
Ashley Brown
The charity netball match pitting the rugby boys against the netball girls saw the boys beaten 45-9.
Cross-dressing was the order of the day

Saturday evening saw a combination of sport, charity fundraising and cross-dressing as the rugby boys received a resounding thrashing from the netball girls, in part due to their inability to shoot straight (something you can see in the video at the bottom!).

The pace of the game proved too much for some

It took just 90 seconds for the tone to be set, with the boys 3 goals down as they got used to the strange shape of the ball. Despite many opportunities the boys were unable to eat into the girls lead, with many attempts on the goal missing their mark. As the first quarter finished the boys had managed to get one ball on target, but had conceded nearly a goal a minute being 13-1 down.

The girls started the second quarter still looking fresh, while the boys were looking decidedly sweaty. Despite this the boys took the initiative, scoring within the first couple of minutes. They looked far more comfortable, apparently getting to grips with the rules of the game. Sadly this wasn't to last, with the final half of the second quarter belonging squarely to the girls, turning a 17-3 lead to 22-3 by the end.

It's a bit like a throw-in in football ... but without the spitting

The energy in the game increased during the third quarter, with the boys trying desperately to increase their total. They finally worked out that the ball had to go through the hoop, rather than just over it, increasing their score to 7. However the girls also upped their game, scoring a further 13 times to bring the total to 35-7 which just one quarter remaining.

The final quarter saw the boys switch their target to hitting double figures, with thirty goals in fifteen minutes looking more than a little hopeless. The girls continued on form, just missing half a century but reaching the lofty heights of 43. As the time ticked away the boys drew slightly closer to their target of 10, but their lack of accuracy cost them dear, losing 45-9 at the end of the match.

The teams were playing each other to raise money for the West London Sports Trust.

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Watch some "highlights" from the game
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Discussion about “Rugby Boys Thrashed by Netball Girls”

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1. Chris   
Nov 25 2007 21:25

somehow i think the Rugby boys vs the Netball girls rugby match with them all rucking and mauling would be more enjoyable to watch!

Nov 27 2007 18:58

The score board at the end reads 45-9 not 43-9 as stated in the article.

Nov 27 2007 19:23

Oops. Fixed now.

That video has been viewed 100 times and you're the first person to mention the mistake...

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